Thursday, April 03, 2008

Trip Out!

Google has street level photographed the WHOLE VALLEY. Not aerial photos ... street level. As in: I can type in your address and see your house as though I were standing in front of it. And I can walk up the street and look back at it too.

Crazy scary. Here's that house on Morrison (a.k.a. the "Worst Listing Ever") that I wrote about below. Check out how awful the house next door is! Click to enlarge image.


you are el said...

I was playing with Street view yesterday, after someone linked to it on your blog - and it seems, the entire Greater LA area is complete. From Northridge, to Malibu, Compton to Glendale, you can see it all.

Pretty freaking amazing -- all the streets they drove down with a 360 camera on the top.

Street view is like the moon landing to the world of eStalking...if privacy is dead, it seems to have went with a whimper...

Nancy said...

OMG, this is the most amazing thing ever. You can figure out if a building or area is sketchy or not without having to drive by!!! Great for people looking to buy (when prices come down to a reasonable level) or rent!

Andrew said...

Hi Kate,
The only succor I can find in this is that the images are quite old, and not at all date-stamped. Naturally, I looked up my own house and saw the house, the trees, the dead grass; and in the garden, the corn we had planted (in the front flower box, Ha!) last summer.

Oh noes! Stalkerz can see what my house looked like 9 months ago! Light that bounced off the roof of my house is 20% of the way to Alpha Centauri by now.

Still, we *should* be worried about how easy it was for Google to photograph the ENTIRE L.A. AREA the first time. They will no doubt keep updating their images, and each iteration will get faster and faster until it is, (some years from now) nearly real-time. That is the way of information-based technology.

On the other hand, I've been thinking about installing my own web cameras in the alley behind my house. Sometimes there is crime. Maybe Google could do this for me?

Still enjoying your blog!

Kate said...


Thanks for making me spit iced tea out my nose. Alpha Centauri is seldom referenced in this blog.

But Sweet Fancy Moses, I love me some Google!

Tyrone said...

Here is a video on Google street views...

Google Maps.