Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Latest from Property Shark

Yo yo yiggity yo! (Sorry, ever since I saw Juno I can't stop doing that). Anyhoodle, here's the latest foreclosure images from Property Shark (god bless that site!). I'm running out the door so there may be more later but I didn't want to delay in getting you this stuff pronto. Click any image to enlarge. Cheers.

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OJ said...

Can we talk about Juno?

I think the most powerful line in that movie (full of some great ones) is the one when her dad finds out she's preganant and says/thinks aloud: I didn't know you were that type of girl. and Juno replies:

"I don't know what type of girl I am."

Awesome. Sums up a lot of daddy-daughter/maddonna-virgin/penis envy/failures of feminist movement stuff into a nice neat, short, but viceral diaglogue.

For me, anyway. OK anymore on this - I should just do a blog post...