Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Th-th-th-that's All Folks!

I guess I was wrong when I predicted the WGA strike wouldn't really affect the local housing market. I figured that working writers weren't generally living paycheck to paycheck and non-working writers were either renters not affected by the strike anyway (since they weren't working in the first place). I also figured that the it would be over before there were too many casualties.

Well, color me wrong because there will be up to 1,000 layoffs at Warner Brothers due to the WGA strike. (And this isn't the first round).

Check it out at The Hollywood Reporter and Huffington Post.


Anonymous said...

this isn't just the studios. i know numerous people at smaller production companies in the valley who have been let go in recent months because of the writers strike. furthermore, all of them were told that they shouldn't expect to be re-hired when the strike is over.

and it isn't just about the writers strike. wall street and the conglomerates know that margins are going to be under much more pressure over the next 10 years than they've been the past 10 years (fragmentation, piracy and the end of the DVD cycle are the primary drivers). the writers strike is just an excuse to justify the headcount reductions.

much more is coming.

gamehaus said...

That totally sucks! I would hate to lose my job b/c another group went on strike, what a terrible twist of fate for those not involved in the politics of the WGA strike. My heart goes out to those people and their families.