Friday, January 04, 2008

Don't make me smack you, Bevis Beavis!

UPDATE: See new reduced list price & Zestimate below.

I am having trouble coming up with the words to properly illustrate my frustration with Valley home sellers. First off, what part of this phrase is hard for you to understand: "Valley home sales FROZEN"? Either you want to sell your damn house or you don't. If you want to, you MUST price it below $400/sq.ft. and even that is not promising. So please stop clogging up the MLS with your delusion. Delusion like this:

4252 SUNNYSLOPE AVENUE, Sherman Oaks, CA 91423
(MLS #: F1748066)

Bedrooms: 2
Baths: 2
Square Feet: 1,136
Lot Size: 5,562 Sq. Ft.
Year Built: 1947
Listing Date: 01/02/08
Price Reduced: 01/30/08 -- $829,000 to $799,000
Zestimate™ $714,417 $649,000 D'oh!
Based on List Price: $730/sq.ft. $703/sq.ft.
Based on Zestimate™:$629 $571/sq.ft.
Sold Homes: $390/sq.ft.

Now, please focus on what I am going to tell you. Ready? I really need you to focus! Here goes:

Your house will NOT sell for $700/sq.ft. Not today. Not tomorrow. Not this year. Not next year. Not the year after. And not the bloody year after that either!

Do you want the magic sales price? $443k.

Too bad you paid $675k back in '05. You don't have an ice-cube's chance in hell of getting that back.


Nancy said...

Don't get so agitated Kate. There will always people who will list their home for pie-in-the-sky prices. Move on and find another house that is priced realistically.

Kate said...

Yeah, but I really think somebody needs to talk sense into these people. And I've appointed: me.

Anonymous said...

Kate's got my vote. Plus Kate offers a good reminder that even today's "discounted" prices really are still overpriced, and so risky houses to buy when we are facing a recession.

RichW said...

This surely proves these people have something other than tobacco in their pipe... Came across another one while walking the dog (4748 Lemona) listed for $737/sqft. Perhaps they will hear a chuckle next time I walk by.

Ace said...

Umm... you are right on about the price... but you spelled Beavis wrong. Come on! Show some respect.

Kate said...

Respect duly shown.

Laker said...

To update you, zillow has updated its estimate and it does not look to promising for the sellers:
It is now: ZESTIMATE®: $649,000