Monday, November 12, 2007

Things that make you go "hmmm"

Nothing like a reference to early 90's pop music to make a post intersting. N'est pas? So I found a house that has not one but three fantastic bathrooms. This first one is a powder room and it appears as though the top 1/3 of the walls are mirrored. Oh, and check out the nice swirly toilet seat lid:

Looks like somebody attended the tile workshop at Home Depot! And then came home with the cheapest tile available and applied every single technique they learned that day. Behold (and pay special attention to the sink counter):

Seriously, this last bathroom conjurs up images of the circus. With the checkerboard sink, harlequin floors, striped wallpaper, and show-biz mirror lights, all you need are some peanuts and a monkey to complete the scene.

With bathrooms like this, you'd think they'd have priced the home as a fixer. But nope! They want $70k over the already high Zestimate. Of course.

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cass said...

The pink and brown stripes remind me of 1970's era Baskin Robbins store wallpaper.....