Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Ugly (Hideous, really) Los Angelenos

I love L.A. and blah blah blah. But sometimes, even I have to admit that there is something fundamentally wrong with a large percentage of my people. So, without further ado, let me share with you a conversation that illuminates my point:

Me: Hey, that's actually my driveway, it's private property. Please don't park there in the future.

Girl: It's not blocking the driveway. You can get around.

Me: It's not a parking place. And you weren't even coming here -- you went next door.

Girl: What about that car parked right there?

Me: That car is in an actual parking place and it belongs to somebody who lives here. Just don't park there. Next time I'll have you towed. There's a sign right there that says you'll be towed.

Girl: I was only here for 30 minutes.

Me: Just don't park there again.

Girl: You know, you could've asked me more nicely.

Me: What?! You know what was nice? Not having you towed!

Girl: You still could've asked me nicely as well. You obviously have a miserable life!

Yes. It must be that my life is so miserable. Why else would anybody dare criticize a perfectly charming creature such as yourself? It couldn't possibly be the case that you are so self-important and self-absorbed that you feel you are entitled to park in what is very obviously the driveway of somebody you don't know and are not visiting just so that you don't have to walk fifty yards. And, despite your bold decision to trespass, you feel further entitled to defend your actions, refrain from apologizing, and express your discontent for not being treated like the Queen of England.

What was I thinking? It is my privilege and honor to accommodate your every need. Please, park your Nissan wherever you see fit! Handicap spot? No problem! Fire hydrant? You are more important than any public emergency! You are indeed the very center of this universe.


ProblemWithCaring said...

You expected her to apologize?

Thats not even LA thing. Thats a "born and rasied in the Entitled States of America" thing.

Americans dont apologize...at least not until AFTER we are indicted...

cass said...

This is the very same person who doesn't understand why anyone would be bent out of shape at the suggestion we freeze her suicide ARM at its teaser rate and let her keep 'her' home for which she put 0 down. Urgh, insecurity and stupidity are not attractive things.

Tyrone said...

This reads like stages...

1) Denial
Girl: It's not blocking the driveway. You can get around.

2) Guilty, but others are guilty
Girl: What about that car parked right there?

3) Lessening Guilt
Girl: I was only here for 30 minutes.

4) Guilty, but you're mean
Girl: You know, you could've asked me more nicely.

5) Guilty, but it's your fault
Girl: You still could've asked me nicely as well. You obviously have a miserable life!

Ace said...

Well, it still beats New York where the conversation would have been something like this:

You are blocking my drive way.

Hey, F you!

No, F you!

Noisette said...

Was it a little Nissan sportscar? Was she blonde? I think that might have been my cousin. And if so, yes, her sense of entitlement is borderline offensive.

Don said...

We get this at our apartment building. We've taken to boxing people in then walking somewhere for a leisurely dinner out. There was one yahoo who didn't have the use of his car for the entirety of Labor Day weekend.

Ghenghy said...

If it's any consolation, that sort of thing isn't isolated to L.A.. I had a similar encounter the other day, and I supposedly live in "Paradise" (Hawaii).

Rude people are everywhere, and it seems to be spreading. Keep your distance, I'm starting to suspect it's contagious.

Kate said...

Well, it looks like it's sweeping the Valley now. Check out similar story at Time Waster:



No, she was brunette and it was a Nissan SUV.

Kate said...

Sorry! Here's the link to the Time Waster story.

Anonymous said...

Sorry you had to experience that. People can't swallow their pride and admit they are wrong.

Next time, don't even hesitate, just have them towed. That'll teach 'em. ;)

Anonymous said...

Sorry about the demonstration of the “entitlement generation”. That said, things could be worse. Think Houston, home of bubba and the “I’m Texan” therefore;

“I can park wherever I want, and I have a carrying permit”,

“You bitch about me and I’ll drive through your yard, and I have a GUN!”,

“Don’t like the way I park? What ya gonna do about it, pu$$#?”,

“Don’t worry about how I park, you can just wait till I move”,

“I don’t give a sh*& if you do own the driveway”.

But hey, homes are cheap here in bubba land; maybe the most obese area in the country.

Sorry, I’m tired of the atmosphere and people here right now. I like your blog.

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