Wednesday, October 24, 2007

There's a Neutra on the block!

3847 OAKFIELD DRIVE, Sherman Oaks, CA 91423

(MLS # F1740241)


Photo pending but here's the (error-filled) MLS description:

"Designed by richard j. Neutra, this two bedroom two bath home, floating high above beverly glen, still retains the footprint, bones and feel of the original design. Huge expanses of glass frame spectacular views, adding light and drama to the interior spaces. Revising finishes and fixtures will allow you to bring this home back to the purity of the original design or take it to the next level. "

So, clearly it's been sullied but maybe it can be restored. At $591/sq.ft. I think we'll see it come down a bit before it sells. Well, unless the pictures reveal something unexpected.


Tyrone said...

Neutra! SWEET!!!

Pete Viles said...

I too wonder what it looks like...

I wrote about (relatively) affordable architecture for this month ... might have included this if I'd know about it ...

Pete Viles said...

Oops -- that was a link to the second page of the article. Here's the link to the first page:

CA Structural Engineer said...

Just looking at this picture makes me nervous... Built up in the air supported by posts on a hillside... Duh! This screams potential post-earthquake damage.

Sure, you can design following safe practices being a structural engineer. However, you are still only designing to code-prescribed earthquake level (an earthquake of a specific magnitude that may or may not be exceeded by a REAL event) which is within the affordable range of the population. This is the reason why building designs should have additional safety meassures and not just meeting code minimum requirements.

I wouldn't live in that building even if it was given to me for free!