Friday, September 28, 2007

Yeah, right.

Sorry for the paucity of posts this week, Gang. But I've been otherwise occupied with a new job.
But enough about me, let's talk about sellers.

Today, I received a comment on my post: "Oddity on Sunswept." That's a post about a house that is listed for $750k despite the fact that it was last purchased at $2M. The MLS description indicates geological damage.

The commenter just wants us to know that he spent a lot of money on a geological survey, and he personally inspected the home, and that even with repairs the home is priced about $400k below market. Despite his incredible investment of time and money, and despite his determination that this property is a great deal, he does not appear to be buying this home. Gosh, I wonder why he wanted to let us all know what a great deal it is? Could it be that he is, in fact, the seller?

UPDATE: He came back to let me know that he is bidding! On this great bargain! Wow! How generous of him to share this tip with us when he is bidding himself!

Excuse me while I laugh 'til it hurts.

Check out the comments on "Oddity on Sunswept" for yourself.



Ace said...

Do you think the real estate agent or the bank officer wrote this?

The English is pretty bad... sounds like a Realtor!

ProblemWithCaring said...

NoNoNo! That commenter isn't the seller. He or She is just an "impartial" poster like AnnS or Investorguy on LALand - just trying to set the record straight for all these "doom and gloomers."

They just read your blog religiously everyday and hire geological surveys on properties they are TOTALLY NOT interested in (Seriously!) and run graphs to contradict all the post on all the housing blogs in Southern California for one reason only:

These people are sticklers for complete impartiality. Its their curse and burden, Kate.

Don't judge them.

cass said...

Just looked at the comments on Sunset--you are truly like our own Nancy Drew!

Hope all is well with the new job, missed your posts.

Did you hear about the DR Horton condo auction in San Diego set for this weekend. Very, very interesting......

Kate said...


I did read about the condo auctions in San Diego. The Times article says that they are starting bids at 50% of recent sales prices.

This is very exciting because Los Angeles follows San Diego by about a year or two.