Thursday, September 20, 2007

What is it about people on Noble?

You may remember a house I wrote about a while back at 4421 Noble. I was astonished that the seller wanted $150k more than she paid after holding the house for approximately six months and despite the fact that there had been no increase to square footage or other identifiable upgrades. The house has since reduced by $80k (and has been sitting on the market for over two and a half months).

Well, now there's company. The people at 4357 Noble want to sell their house too. This tiny 2 bed/1 bath home has a Zestimate of $672,218. The list price, however, is a whopping $899k. The MLS description reads: "The kitchen is authentic 1948." Gee, I wonder why there's no photo of it? Anyhoo, if they can't sell the 3 bed/1.5 bath up the street for $769k, I doubt very much that anybody is going to pay a whopping $899k for this.


Ace said...

Wow. At $879 per square foot, this must be the most expensive house in the Valley.

Kate said...

Yeah, it's definitely in the top 1%