Thursday, September 06, 2007

Price Point Tests

5404 BELLINGHAM AVENUE #s 1, 2, & 4, Valley Village, CA 91607
(MLS #s F1730904, F1730911, F1730908

This photo represents three different units in the same building. The units were all priced at $779k on August 22. But now:

#1 Price Reduced: 09/05/07 -- $779k to $778.5k
#2 Price Reduced: 09/05/07 -- $779k to $778k
#4 Price Reduced: 09/05/07 -- $779k to $775k

Granted, at 1,950 sq. ft., these are big condos. But they aren't houses and they are in Valley Village so I just don't see them selling for that. I normally don't track condos, but given the interesting pricing strategies here, let's see what happens.


Anonymous said...

Are you sure those aren't all owned by the same person? The price movements are very close to each other, almost like the way new condos are sold.

Kate said...

Oh yeah, those are new condos. I just think the odd decreases are ... well ... odd.