Friday, September 07, 2007

Linkage and Whatnot

One Realtor who hates Freakonomics. He's all fired up over being compared to the Klan. Whatever, Buddy, you didn't see me freaking out when they made The Devil's Advocate.

Sick of going to open houses? Check out the Greek Fest this weekend instead. I'd tell you to go to the County Fair but this is opening weekend and with their "Deep-Fried-Everything-On-A-Stick" theme it'll be jam packed. Seriously, you should click on this link and type in "fried" to see all the fried food offered at the fair this year-- it's amazing. I've had the fried olives and they are spectacular but I'm really looking forward to fried Coke. The Deep Fried Elvis, on the other hand, scares me. But I'm sure E will try it.

The WSJ Real Estate Journal has an interesting piece on whether it's a good time to buy a house. (Hint: probably not.)

From the NYT, a couple who are bound to turn violent on each other: "... their entire one-bedroom apartment measures about 200 square feet, including the bathroom, the separate bedroom and the huge 19th-century fireplace that they occasionally use for roasting marshmallows."


Anonymous said...

Oh yes! Fried food! I cannot wait!

Anonymous said...

I must preface this by saying I do appreciate really well done fried foods, including Fried Twinkies and Snickers bars, which were created in London.

A few local high end restaurants have offered these items as novelty desserts on their menus, and some have turned out quite well.

It is important to note though, that at least from last year's Los Angeles County Fair experience, that none of the vendors there know a THING about doing many of these deep fried items. It's NOT just as easy as dunking something in corndog batter and frying it, which is what most of them end up doing, since it is easier, and you can reuse the oil.

The best deep fried twinkies and snickers bars use a modified, sweetened tempura-style batter which results in a nice, light, crispy coating. The oil is also fresh, so that it has none of the after taste of french fries or fish.

What you will find at most, if not all of the County Fair's vendors are cheap, lazy attempts to cash in on this craze. You will be disappointed - most of the deep fried candy bars are not pre-frozen before dunking, so they melt. To cover this, they will all end up battering them in a corndog style drip batter which ends up as a soggy, soft mess once the center is cool enough to eat.

I do love the County Fair, but this is one area where the marketing has NOT matched the hype. If you must partake in healthy foods, may I suggest chocolate dipped cheese cake. It's a favorite that many vendors have been doing at the fair for many years.

Kate said...


You know a lot about fried food, and I like that in a reader!

But the L.A. County Fair actually features some exceptional friers! I know because I went last year.

I am happy to report that the twinkies were in fact dipped in a lightly sweetened tempura batter. The snicker bars were likewise in tempura and in fact frozen first (but melted sounds good to me).

Anonymous said...

I did not see fried peach on a stick on the list--it is pure bliss.

Kate said...

Oh my god... FRIED PEACH! Yum. I have a serious problem. I am actually considering a Fry Daddy because then I can fry everything and anything. And then drop dead of cardiac arrest. :-)