Thursday, September 06, 2007

Incentives are one thing, discrimination is another.

So, I was reading Curbed LA this morning and they featured this house for sale with a houseboy thrown in as an incentive. The ad reads: "Tell A Friend About The Ultimate Gay Man's House - Complete With Free Houseboy!" And:

".... this gorgeous houseboy to reduce the stress ... grills up a mean hot-dog, is fun to hang out with, and gives a great massage! He will be there for you to do ... whatever you need done."

First off, why hot dogs? Why not steaks? Hmmm, what could they be suggesting? Also, thanks for including a photo of his feet. But why not include photos of him popping balloons? Wearing a ball gag? Covered in latex? Dressed like a pony?

Anyhoo, where I come from, that's called prostitution. Also, it's illegal. Of course, you are paying for his time. Anything else that might happens is purely between two consenting adults. Right? Whatever.

What really gets me is the stereotyping and discrimination. Since when is that okay?

I wan't to buy this house just to spite them. I want to bring down the gayness of this house/street/neighborhood by a factor of one. I will flaunt my heterosexuality up and down the street. I may even start babysitting small children en masse to shore up the appearance that I am actually a breeder. I am going to hang up some flag out front that says: "I have sex with men ... AND I'm a woman!" Noticeably absent from my porch, during Gay Pride Week, will be all of the rainbow colors.

If you support my very strong opposition to discrimination and stereotyping, then please start sending in donations. As soon as I raise the $999k asking price, I solemnly swear I will buy this house and do everything stated above. That's how committed I am to this cause. The fact that I would be getting a free house in Los Feliz is not the point at all.


Anonymous said...

I think this post demonstrates further proof that Kate really IS a lawyer.

Who else would focus on the DISCRIMINATION angle when presented with a picture of a hot guy.

Anonymous said...

What the ....?

Kate said...

As if my sad sad lawyerliness needs demonstration.

Tyrone said...

Well, just remember this: Realtors® have become the lawyers of the 21st century. Lawyers can breathe easy for while. hehehe

Tracey said...

I think its called "creative marketing". Sex sells. When is the last time you saw an ugly girl selling clothes, shoes or makeup?

Apparently this Realtor knows their demographic. I think it's genius!

At the very least, this house will get more showings than a "non house boy" house. And people will start looking with a smile. It'a NOT BORING! There are so many listings righ now, it gets boring looking at the same old, same old.

Jane said...

I know it's a joke and things, but it sort of is discrimination. No it actually is discimination, not kind of sort of. It's a very clever slick way of saying "if you're not gay, we don't want you here." If that is the case and if they are doing a wink wink, this is very against the law, but I see this sort of thing all of the time (not with gay men, but with certain wording that seems to imply they want a certain type of person whether it be a certain race, gender, or sexual orientation.)

Anonymous said...

We're all diverse adults here. What disappoints me is there is no 1) free French Maid or 2) free Fabio look-alike. This would be effective marketing to the straight gentlemen and/or ladies respectively. There could also be variations ( a "Blue Light Special" ) on all three themes. Of course, they could also just lower the damn price by $200K. Houseboy or no, this stuff is still overpriced, pressboard junk.
P.S. My wife is appalled at the very thought. It's not the gay stuff by any means. It's the exploitive prostitution.

Anonymous said...

OMG, this post cracked me up. I mean come on...this isnt for real, its a JOKE, a marketing gimmick targeting gay couples with lots of a gay guy, im wondering when i enter into that eternally present stereotype of loads of disposable income....anytime now!! :)

Kate said...

Dear Anonymous Gay Man:

If it's loads of disposable income you're after, apparently you need to make friends with a Realtor and learn how to "grill a mean hot dog."

I kid because I love.


Anonymous said...

Kate....i think i just woke my roomate up lmao.... you rule.