Tuesday, September 04, 2007

I totally have a crush* on Joel Stein.

I also have a crush on John Stewart but that has nothing to do with residential real estate so I have no excuse to pine for him here.

Joel Stein, on the other hand, recently wrote a rather entertaining piece about residential real estate so I'm super excited to provide you with a hyperlink to said article. You can read all about Stein's potential bathroom remodel and its effect on resale value. As a bonus, there's an actual Q&A with Flipping Out's Jeff Lewis.

UPDATE: Okay, this is a bit awkward, People. But since this post went up, I kind of sort of had an email exchange with thejoelstein and so, in the off chance, if he comes here, I need to clarify this whole "crush" thing. And so, by "crush" I mean, you know, "I like his work." Because obviously I have never met him and so how can you really have a crush on a total stranger. Right? This is only making things worse isn't it? I really should've thought this through before I posted it. In short, I just want to say: I am not insane. Thank you.


Anonymous #01 said...

Since I'm all about the equality (except for laundry, dishes and windows which I simply won't do), I would propose a female urinal. A clever guy could easily figure out how to use the female version pictured here:


Kate said...


Tyrone said...

Great! They'll be tinkling all over the floor and then us guys will have to be mopping the floors and the toilet! No thank you! hehehe

Anonymous said...

Won't Mr. Kate be jealous about your crush?

Kate said...

Hahahaha! You think the man I live with reads this blog? You're funny.

Anyway, I assure you that Mr. Kate: (1) is very secure; and (2) doesn't have the energy to get all worked up every time I develop a crush on random people I discover through media coverage.

I once had a crush on Dominic, the Christmas Donkey. Let's not take this too seriously.