Tuesday, September 04, 2007

I love this! How soon can we get this in Sherman Oaks?

UPDATE: This house was pending but the site reports that "BUYER COULDN'T GET THE FINANCING." As of 09/07/07 the house is back on the market and the price is still ticking down.

You guys have heard about the Canadian house, right? The one where they are knocking off $1,000 each day until it gets sold? Oh yeah. How awesome is that?

To top it off, if you buy before September 10 the seller is including a complete high definition home theatre package valued at $10,000! Of course, I'd rather wait an additional 10 days and deal with the home theater system on my own -- but that's me.

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Anonymous #01 said...

Based on my own anticipated decline of prices in Sherman Oaks, I would say the prices are declining by about $1000 per day.

I spent the weekend out in Camarillo (where it was a cool 92 degrees I may add) looking at homes. There was one that was listed at $599K earlier this year, it is now at $529K and the agent said the seller would take $499K. The couple that owns the place are going through a divorce and the court has ordered the house to be sold. Sadly, they paid $589K for it in 2005.

Anyhow, I visited about 6 open houses and me and the old ball and chain ran into only one other couple house shopping the entire weekend. It was funny to walk into one home and the agent was at the kitchen table doing her bills. Really slow weekend for open houses.