Thursday, August 16, 2007

Completely believable. (In Sherman Oaks)

14629 GREENLEAF STREET, Sherman Oaks, CA 91403
(MLS # F1705215)

Price Reduced: 04/03/07 -- $1.185M to $1.149M
Price Reduced: 05/01/07 -- $1.149M to $1.095M
Price Reduced: 07/06/07 -- $1.095M to $1.039M
Price Reduced: 08/15/07 -- $1.039M to $999k (down 15.69%)

The MLS description on this one is a gem:

"Unbelievable!! Under a millions $ for this enchanting cape cod south of the blvd...."

It's only $1,000 under a million, for god's sake. And after 148 days on the market, yeah, I believe it. Especially when the Zestimate is $943,759 and the current owner paid less than half a million five years ago. In fact, I'm willing to believe that this house will get reduced to the low $800s before a buyer comes along.


Josh said...

That doesn't llok like a cape style house. Looks more like a cottage. If it is a cape I wouldn't want to have the room on the second floor.

Anonymous said...

Kate - I thought you might enjoy this Valley Village listing. Check out MLS F1710627, the house at 11751 Blix St.

The agent brags 'appraised for $900k' in the first line.

The original price was $999k, reduced to $925k, and now down to $899k.

After 2 price reductions and 10 percent off the original listing, the house is now for sale at the appraisal amount.

Kate said...

Wow. That's fantastic!

As soon as I have a free second I'll pull it up. There's actually a lot of odd listings on Blix. Maybe I should just devote a whole entry the street.