Friday, August 31, 2007

Well, well, well. I hate to say "I told you so" ...

16724 LA MAIDA STREET, Encino, CA 91436
(MLS #s: F1711924 & F1732128)

This 1,125 sq.ft. 3 bed/1 bath house was originally listed at $818k (that's $727 a sq. ft., Peeps) . Which I think is a lot of money for a house that doesn't even have a bath tub. Oh yeah, he took out the bath tub. Behold:

That itty bitty 3/4 bath is the only one in this house. And, ladies, I have no idea where you would put your make up while you get ready in the morning. Just look at that tiny sink counter!

Anyhoodle, he has now reduced the price to $715k. Which might have been a fair price back in May... WHEN I TOLD HIM THAT I WOULD PAY THAT! But no... he thought he could get an additional $100k. Who was right? Hmmm?

Well, guess what Mr. La Maida? Now I would only pay $575k. So go ahead and email me at the address on the bottom of this web page if you want me to buy your house at $575k. Otherwise I guess we'll just have this conversation again in a few more months. (This offer will expire in 48 hours and is subject to the usual financing and inspection contingencies).

Also, I think he bought the same model house next door as a flip. Which may be why he is so motivated to sell now.


ProblemWithCaring said...

"Well, guess what Mr. La Maida? Now I would only pay $575k."

Heehee! I smell a buyer's market. And it makes me happy. :)

Pioneer10 said...

Come on Kate: you really going to put down 715k for this? 575k is still probably too much - this is the valley for christ's sake

Kate said...


Sadly, yes, there was a time when I seriously considered paying $715. Happily, those days are behind me.

Anonymous said...

I think a very healthy dose of cynicism is really called for right now, but you know that.

Cheers to you Kate.