Friday, August 31, 2007

MLS Description of the Week!

17220 COLLINS ST, Encino, CA 91316

The MLS description reads: " Encino village [sic] welcomes the westside [sic]... This is a true encino [sic] village [sic] gem!"

What does that even mean? Are they suggesting that if you are from the West Side, and you buy this house, you don't need to worry about your new Encino Village neighbors burning crosses on your lawn?

For the record, I have never ever heard of anything like that happening in the Valley. We are peaceful folk. And also, it is too hot here to intentionally set things on fire.


Douglas said...

Love your blog, both here and at L.A. Land. Keep it up despite the nasty comments by those less-than-favorable fans. By the way, how do you keep track of the prices of the properties? Do constantly check the same properties on MLS or something?

Kate said...

Thanks! As to your question...

I do an initial search of properties in a particular location and price range and record them here. Then I get an RSS MLS feed that updates me whenever they change. It's actually very little effort.