Thursday, August 16, 2007

Linkage and Whatnot

I HEART ROBERT SHILLER! And, I HEART FREAKONOMICS! Together at last! Oh be still my heart! Check out their blog post on the bubble.

"How ratings firms' calls fueled the subprime mess" on the WSJ's Real Estate Journal.

Countrywide facing bankruptcy? Holy cow. Check out the L.A. Times article.

Hunny child! Your Mama will be on TV tonight! I will definitely tune in to see the Real Estalker on VH1.


ProblemWithCaring said...

Why do you love thi sarticle? (first of economists - including Freakonomics hack-jobs - are turds.)

Secondly, in your article, only Shiller offered "caution" - everyone else screamed "THERE IS NO BUBBLE."

So what are you doing here on this blog?

Methinks You are so randowm sonetimes...

Kate said...

I love the guys at Freakonomics and I love Robert Shiller. So just because there's a few other opinions in there that I disregard... it doesn't dilute my love for Shiller + Dubner.

But I am random sometimes.