Thursday, August 09, 2007

I found a house!

You Guys! This is so exciting! This is the house for me! It is South of Ventura in Sherman Oaks. Check it out:

13656 OAK CANYON AVENUE, Sherman Oaks, CA 91423
Unfortunately, I cannot afford $1.5M. But if you can, the MLS number is: F1718463. At least invite me over for a swim.


Anonymous said...

It's adorable! I know Zillow is notoriously off, but Zillow values it at 920K. Sold in 1996 for $300K (per Zillow) (but you already knew that).
-Anon 2

Kate said...

You love it, right? But even at $920k I'm out. Now $300k is a number I could really cozy up to!

*heavy sigh*

Anonymous said...

It's really cute. If I were the listing agent I would advertise the ease of installing: panic room, barbed wire, generators, large food pantry, water storage, and periscope, and of course, the exquisite feng shui.