Friday, August 10, 2007

I am almost tired of posting about delusional sellers.

Almost, but not quite. Here's my favorite listing of the week (photo not yet available).

15515 MORRISON STREET, Sherman Oaks, CA 91403; MLS# F1728441

The impressive listing description reads:

"Fixer!! Fixer!! Fixer!! There is no doubt ever that this property is the builders [sic] and investors [sic] dream!! Sourrounded [sic] by multy [sic] million dollars [sic] homes. Wont [sic] last!"

This 3 bedroom 1 bath (that's right it has only 1 bath) is priced at: $825k. Zillow estimates it at $770k but even that seems high for a "Fixer!! Fixer!! Fixer!!" when there is a 3+2 in the neighborhood that's been sitting on the market forever at $740k. And that $740k house is in decent condition (MLS# F1703604).

Apparently, this Realtor believes that the word fixer (if repeated three times with feeling) has magical powers, "multy" magical powers.


Anonymous said...

Awesome man! keep them coming. I really appreciate your wisdom and powers to dispel seller's mythical fantasies of ripping buyers off!! You're helping to bring the market back to reality and we at-some-future buyers appreciate it!

Anonymous said...


Just an awesome blog. Thank you and continue. We are shopping too and share your views. Best of luck to you, I am sure you will find your home at your price. The time is getting closer and closer. I think patience is the key right now.


Tyrone said...

A Fixer-Fixer-Fixer for $824K!
Just what I've dreamed about!

Hmmmmmmm... but where will I get a loan? Are they even giving loans out, anymore?

Things are gonna get very interesting.

Kate said...

Thanks all for the kind words. In case you haven't noticed yet, a few Realtors are beginning to complain about me rather loudly.

It must means I'm doing a good job otherwise I can't imagine they'd waste their breath.

Viva La Revolucion!

bradinsb said...

Kate Very nice job on informing whats going on down south of me.Thank you for the link a few days back you have alot of interesting things here

Tyrone said...

This is really going to hurt the outrageous home prices; well,... amongst all the other nonsense that must stop. The unrealistic prices WILL be reeled in. Game over.

Who can't get a mortgage now
The one catch is this: You've got to be a buyer with good credit, a low debt to income ratio, a healthy down payment, verifiable income, and looking to finance less than $417,000 (the cutoff for so-called jumbo loans).