Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Funny Guys!

The guys who own this house are funny!

4440 SYLMAR AVENUE, Sherman Oaks, CA 91423 (MLS # F1721591)

So, they list the house on June 15, 2007 at $749k. It doesn't sell for a month. Then, around July 16, the agent must've said: "You need a reduction! That gets buyer attention everytime!" So what did the guys do? Raise the price of course! So that they could lower it to get buyer attention. Behold:

Price Increased: 07/16/07 -- $749,000 to $785,000
Price Reduced: 07/17/07 -- $785,000 to $779,000
Price Reduced: 08/07/07 -- $779,000 to $755,000

Well, Guys, you got my attention. I just don't think it was the kind of attention you wanted. But you did make me laugh. You bought the house for $620k in October '04; you'll be lucky to get $720. Very very lucky.

Oh, in case you are wondering how I know it's guys that own this place, I figured it out from the photos. Check out the pinball machine and the ridiculous size of that TV. And don't overlook the throw blanket that somebody's grandma gave them and that they are currently using as a rug in the "game room."

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soon to be moving to long beach said...

its is a guy's place, reminds me of my first post-college pad