Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Fairy Tale Cottage in NoHo

5101 STROHM AVENUE, "Toluca Lake", CA 91601
(MLS # : B2100128)

While the MLS says Toluca Lake, this home is definitely in North Hollywood and it is the only one like it for miles (the surrounding homes are mid-century ranch). This was one of the very first homes I saw back in January '07. It went inactive for awhile and then came back on the market. Obviously, the owner has trouble making up her mind about the value of this unique home:

Price Reduced: 04/16/07 -- $1,000,000 to $850,000
Price Reduced: 07/18/07 -- $850,000 to $835,000
Price Reduced: 08/07/07 -- $835,000 to $749,000
Price Increased: 08/09/07 -- $749,000 to $950,000


Built in 1939, this 2 bed/1bath is on a 10,270 sq. ft. lot so there's definitely room to expand. It's one of those charming Disney architect numbers. The living room is beamed and has intricate hand carved corbels with faces on them. The fireplace is extra big ... you can see below that the big church bench would nearly fit in there. There are many original details through out the home. This is a really cool house if you are willing to do a bit of construction. I couldn't talk E into it no matter how hard I tried but it wouldn't have mattered because I'm fairly certain the owner never would've taken the $675k I was going to offer.


Ace said...

I love how hard people are trying to convince themselves that they do not live in North Hollywood.

I live in North Hollywood (around Riverside and Lankershim in the 91601) and see all of the city signs like Toluca West or NoHo Arts Area. It is North Hollywood. We have to learn to accept it and the lower property values that come along with it.

Kate said...


I laughed out loud. Thanks for that.

Evil Landlord said...

Yanno Kate, it might just be worth it to pay a flat fee brokerage $350 to write a low ball offer for you...

Kate said...


Oh yeah, I'm all over the discount brokers!

But E will have nothing to do with this house. He simply hates. :-(

Ace said...

As a follow up, have you seen the new Arte Toluca Condo complex on Riverside and Tujunga?

They called it Arte Toluca and insist that it is in Toluca Lakes and have priced it like it is in Beverly Hills.

Right in front of the complex, there are about 20 big banners that the city put up that say 'NoHo Arts District'.

This is also the condo complex that the Realtor tried to convince me that the model unit was the deal of the century because they put in $60k in upgrades. She didn't notice that it was priced $200k less than the exact same unit above it.

Kate said...


Wow. I actually don't look at condos very often because my dog weighs 70lbs and that is usually not acceptable to the HOAs. But I would like to go and see those.

I suspect a lot of those condo developments will go apartment for a while.

colleen said...

well, dang. that's a stinking cute house. don't see many of those down here in south OC (except maybe in laguna, where they would list at $2 mil or so).

i enjoy your blog, Kate. it makes me feel better about the out-of-touch house sellers in my market. we're just going to sit tight and be patient until prices come down to what WE want to pay. it's looking good.

qtilla said...

I insist you quit posting about this ridiculously adorable house. I have NEVER been interesting in owning a home... until now.
So painfully cute.