Tuesday, August 07, 2007

"Celebrity House" -- The Sequel

Y'all remember this little house right? 10748 Aqua Vista Street, "Toluca Lake" 91602 (Original MLS # F1721875).

This house was advertised as a "celebrity home" but, Honey, I don't think this is Brangelina's house. In fact, according to Property Shark (god bless that site!) and IMDB, the current owner of this home played a trader in the move Wall Street; Alien #2 in Star Trek: The Next Generation; Man at Bar in My Sister's Shadow; and a lot of other bit parts in movies and T.V. shows that didn't appear to be union.

Anyhoo, as y'all know I was pretty stunned at the audacity of the list price and, indeed, the home went through a series of reductions. Then it went off the market and I colored myself wrong. But no, it's back. Uh-huh. After this:

Price Reduced: 07/02/07 -- $780,000 to $769,000
Price Reduced: 07/17/07 -- $769,000 to $764,000
Price Reduced: 07/18/07 -- $764,000 to $759,000
Price Reduced: 07/23/07 -- $759,000 to $754,000
Price Reduced: 07/27/07 -- $754,000 to $749,000

The little house came back on the market as a new listing at $749k with a new MLS # F1728153.

The original property description:

"Location,location,location!Seller will entertain offers from $760,000- $780,000. You must see this celebrity owned home with a private viewing deck of the hollywood hills [sic] and universal city [sic] from a private 8 person jacuzzi! Completely remodeled kitchen,refinished hard wood floors, garage converted into office/rec room. Plenty of room to add on! Must see! Gorgeous view!" (Emphasis supplied).

Here's the new description:

"Great location with sun deck views of studio city [sic] and universal city hills [sic].Includes large gazebo, roof top deck with large spa. Newer kitchen granite tops & cabinets includes all upgraded appliances, hardwood floors throughout, fireplace, converted detached garage for guesthouse [sic]/office or studio. Lots of room to add on. Larger homes surround this unique property." (Emphasis supplied).

Apparently the kitchen was downgraded from "completely remodeled" to "newer." And I'm not sure if the "celebrity" is still a "celebrity," but that was also deleted. It seems that the agent realized that virtually all jacuzzis are private and dropped that tidbit as well. What stayed? The capitalization errors, of course!

As you know, the "celebrity" paid $150k for this pad back in 1995.

Here's a photo of the "celebrity" bathroom. I'm leaving it up even though it was deleted from the new listing. Also, I think there's a hole in the wall behind the urn/wastebasket. Check it out:

OH! I almost forgot! This house is in North Hollywood. Not Toluca Lake.


Tyrone said...

I rememeber it. Did you delete the old post? I wanted to check my comments. I recall I said it was insane, and I asked about the garage--where is it?

BarfBag said...

The hole above the urn is from when the "celebrity" found out he's not really a "celebrity"

Kate said...


The original post still exists (though not currently published), but strangely your comment is missing. I can't figure out what happened to it.

What did you ask about the garage?


Well, at least he knew before this post. I'd hate for him to have to find out here.

Tyrone said...

Must've been another house. You mentioned something about a law/ordinance requiring homes to have a garage. I think?? No matter; the story is the same over and over again. Be patient on your purchase. There are serious signs of trouble in the bond market. I actually started a blog where I was going to track failed Bonds, hedge funds, etc., and would you believe the Implode-o-Meter just started one today. This could be very big. The average person will have a difficult time getting a loan as things worsen.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

It is actually in studio city. It's right on the border of Studio city and Toluca Lake.