Tuesday, August 28, 2007

The "Celebrity" House -- Revisited

Previously, I posted about 10748 Aqua Vista Street, "Toluca Lake" 91602 (MLS # F1721875 & F1728153).

You may recall that: (1) this house is really in North Hollywood; and (2) I was shocked and appalled at the list price. After my post, the home went through a series of reductions:

Price Reduced: 07/02/07 -- $780k to $769k
Price Reduced: 07/17/07 -- $769k to $764k
Price Reduced: 07/18/07 -- $764k to $759k
Price Reduced: 07/23/07 -- $759k to $754k
Price Reduced: 07/27/07 -- $754kto $749k

Then it went inactive only to come back on the market at $749k with a new MLS number. Well, anyhoodle, guess what?

It was reduced again. Uh-huh. Was so.

Price Reduced: 08/25/07 -- $749k to $699k
Price Reduced: 10/02/07 -- $699k to $679k
(down 12.95% from original list price)

But, at $685 a square foot, it's *still* too expensive. The Zestimate is $592,479 and even that's generous. At this point, I think he'd be very lucky to get $550/sq.ft. (or $521k). If he doesn't get realistic soon, it's only going to be worse.

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Anonymous said...

No. It's not North Hollywood. It actually is in Toluca Lake. North Hollywood begins a couple blocks north of the 134. But I do agree....way to expensive. Last I heard it was in short sale about 7 months ago.