Friday, August 03, 2007

Bluebell Blitz -- UZI COHEN?

4949 BLUEBELL AVENUE, Valley Village, CA 91607 MLS # P590410

Price Reduced: 08/02/07 -- $749k to $719k (4.0% down).

But here's the kicker folks! Zillow estimates this home to be worth $1.175M! Why is that? Well, Zillow says it was last sold on July 5, 2005 (that's right! Two years ago!) for $990k. And Property Shark (lordy, I love me the Property Shark!) says Mr. Uzi Cohen was involved. Hmmm. Could they mean this Uzi Cohen?

Here's the property shark details:

12/13/06 $1,110,894
Resale Cal-Western Reconvey First Franklin Trust

7/5/05 $990,000
Resale Cohen, Uzi Padilla, Ernesto


Resale Zitun, Zahal Cohen, Uzi

12/20/02 $485,000
Resale Cohen, Kenny Zitun, Zahal


Resale Rodriguez, N Cohen, Kenny

3/12/02 $373,000
Resale Rosenberg, H J Rodriguez, Nelson

10/6/88 $295,000
Resale Silinsky Herbert Rosenberg H J

Draw your own conclusions people.


OJ said...

Wow. When the dust settles on all the overpriced homes in SOCal, what will the real it all look like?

I can't wait for the rest of the country - the state - to start to get a whiff of the "Real Homes of Genius" in Compton and San Pedro and other such nonsense we take for granted here.

Anonymous said...

What a dump.

Kate said...