Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Who's in charge here anyway? (Y2/M3/D18)

I really like public-access television (not to be confused with PBS or "public television"). Public access channels let anybody who is willing to pay the fee come in and broadcast. There used to be this guy who did a show called The Earthquake Show and he would just read reports of tremors and then ask people to call in. Only he wasn't live so, of course, the phone would just sit there next to him not ringing. I guess you had to witness it to understand the comedy gold that it was.

Anyhoo, there are some really interesting little shows springing up on the Internet now and I am currently loving the videos at This week, they talk to an agent who is offering to forfeit 20% of his commission. That got my interest so I watched. Everything was just plodding along as expected and then he mentions that maybe the 20% could be given to the seller's agent to get the deal to close. Whatwhatwhat?! The seller's AGENT? It's the agent that determines whether the deal will close? I mean, I could see giving it to the SELLER... but the seller's AGENT? See it for yourself:

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