Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Stage Your Fridge (Y2/M3/D10)

Today I stumbled across this home-selling tip from a Michigan-based blog. Michigan, for those of you who are unfamiliar, is in a veritable one-state recession. Things are, how you say? Not so good. Anyhoodle, the tip is (you better have a seat): STAGE YOUR REFRIGERATOR. I kid you not, Gentle Readers. The tip is NOT lower your price, NOT improve the condition of your home, nope! They think that a half gallon of fake milk (you wouldn't want it to spoil) is going to sell your house. NEWSFLASH: The fake milk aint gonna do it, Honey.

For real home-selling tips, please consult with my new favorite Realtor: LEO NORDINE. And this isn't just a shameless plug for LA LAND. I really want you to consult with Mr. Nordine. Go on. Shoo.

Oh, also, in case you hadn't heard, I am now being dubbed "an agent's worst nightmare." That's not very nice. Just because I refuse to commit mortgage fraud and have opinions about what a house is worth does not make me Evil Incarnate. It's the virgin sacrifices. Duh.


ProblemWithCaring said...

My agent is my aunt and - for a lot of the same reasons - calls me the same things.

The fact that we aren't willing to commit bank fraud makes us "NIGHTMARES," speaks volumes about LA real estate and mortgage markets.

My blog on my own
personal hellishness.

Keep up the fight.


blackrose said...

"worse nightmare" cause you're not stupid enough to follow their lead, cause they know "best."

I'm glad your post got picked up by them, maybe their readers/agents will now know better.

Kate said...

Thanks for the encouragement!

But I don't think of it as a "fight" it's more of a "conversation." A very long, drawn out, mostly one-sided conversation where eventually I wear down the other side and buy a house. It could work, right?

ProblemWithCaring said...

Well - let me speak for myself. For me, it is a figurative fight to secure affordable housing in LA county while lawfully navigating the varied financial bureaucracies.

But I don't make six figures, so maybe I just cant afford to dialogue. I always end up "scappin'".

Kate said...

You've got my support!

Agent Scoreboard said...


I love your blog!!

You are an agents worst nightmare because your feedback can't be spun or erased. The industry need the transparency... keep it up.

Agent Scoreboard...

Kate said...

Mr. Scoreboard:

You love me and yet you freely call me a nightmare?

I had a boyfriend like you once. It didn't work out. :-P

Agent Scoreboard said...

Kate... you personally are not the "nightmare" its that there exists the ability for anyone/anywhere/@ anytime to comment on a realtor's listings.

The "nightmare" is that they now must trackdown and know about all thats being said about their listings.

Yea.. I do love your blog.. its interesting.. I don't always agree but thats not for me...

Maureen Francis said...

Ummmm, thanks for reading my blog, I think. If you dug a little further in, on many occasions I have said to check your price and condition. Just take a look at the Sellers category and you should find plenty of my rants on pricing. Those are the most important aspects of selling a home. In a HIGHLY competitive buyers' market little things can make a difference. Will your home sell because there is food in the refrigerator - clearly NO. Will a buyer assume you are more desperate if the home is vacant - possibly.

Kate said...

Hi Maureen:

Thanks for clarifying -- I apologize for not reading more of your posts and giving a more balanced take.

Can you tell us what the fake milk really is? I can't think of anything that would look white and opaque but not spoil.


Maureen Francis said...


I have no idea what the fake milk was. I have wondered that myself.

I like your blog. It is very interesting to hear a consumer's perspective.

If you would ever like to do a guest post on my blog, you would be welcomed. It could wait until the refrigerator post is off the front page so you don't have to feel any shame.

Kate said...


Heeee! I would not feel any shame about sharing space with fake milk.