Monday, July 16, 2007

Taking a hit(Y2/M3/D16)

Remember when recent sales were a helpful guideline? These days, not so much.

11476 HUSTON STREET, Valley Village, CA 91601
Last Sold 07/15/05: $750k
Current List: $649k

4425 MORSE AVENUE, Studio City, 91604
Last Sold 01/30/06: $1.03M
Current List: $825k

4943 WESTPARK DRIVE, North Hollywood, CA 91601
Last Sold 06/01/06: $1.1M
Current List: $725k


Tyrone said...

Those are impressive declines, but a lot more is on the wayyyyyyyyy!

Be patient, grasshopper. :)

Anonymous said...

Great site!

I am also a prospective home buyer in The Valley, so good luck!

Kate said...

Hi My Buddy Mimi:

Your blog is outstanding! I'm glad you posted the link.

I am starting to suspect that I will be a "prospective buyer" for a bit longer... but more on that soon.

Thanks for reading and posting!