Thursday, July 19, 2007

Former Child Star Destroys Valley House (Y2/M3/D19)

Y'all are not going to believe what is going on in Sherman Oaks! The has posted a story about a child actor (whom you no doubt have forgotten) from Tim Allen's Home Improvement. It's just a foreclosure story sans mortgage fraud, but LORD! How insane would you be if you paid a few million for your house and then your neighbor did THIS! <--- Click to see story + video of the wreckage.

Go on. You know you are dying to see "Absolutely the worst house in a prime location" priced to sell at $1.149M.


sunsetbeachguy said...

The links aren't correct.

Kate said...

Yeah ... that was really bizarre. They worked and then some extra text was magically inserted in the URL. Anyway, it's fixed now and thanks for the heads up!