Tuesday, July 31, 2007

So Valley!

Here in the Valley, yards are a bit small and privacy is at a premium. So people tend to put cinder block walls around their back yards. Cinder block walls are approximately as hideous as they are ubiquitous. And people do all sorts of things to camouflage them. They cover them in stucko, they cover them in ivy, and they even put wood fences in front of them. But, before today, I had never seen a cinder block wall peeking out from behind a huge "natural" rock formation replete with waterfall.

The waterfall itself is a bit of a head scratcher because I can't imagine that any snow falls on the formation let alone enough snow to melt and form a waterfall. But setting aside logic (physics and aesthetics) this magic waterfall flows into a small creek and creates (what else?) a charming little swimming hole. Behold:

But that is not all. No. In addition to the "natural" rock formation, magical waterfall, creek, and refreshing swimming hole, there is also what I think of as a jacuzebo (half jacuzzi and half gazebo).
I know what you are thinking: "Is it for sale?" Thank your lucky stars, Gentle Readers, this home is indeed available! Priced to move at $599k.

9612 QUAKERTOWN AVENUE, Chatsworth, CA 91311
MLS #F1723579

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