Thursday, July 26, 2007

The Skittle House

I like color in a house. I do. But not ALL of them at the same time under one roof. Today, I had to shield my eyes when these MLS photos came up. I swear to god, these photos are all of the same house. Yes. They. Are. If you have a weak stomach, you may want to surf away to a more palatable site. The rest of you, looky here:



YELLOW (even the ceiling!):


14024 LA MAIDA STREET, SHERMAN OAKS ($825k) MLS #F126094

If you are going to buy this house you should seriously ask for like a $3000 credit to repaint.

And if you are selling this house, it is not going to sit on the market for months with no offers because of the paint. No, it won't. It's going to sit on the market for months because of the price, Silly.


v.villagebound said...

I think what we have here is a copycat crime a la Taran Noah Smith from Home Improvement. Only, this one was trashed by the girl who voiced Rainbow Brite...

Kate said...


Terri said...

I kinda like it- but then I live with three toddlers...

Kate in the Valley said...


Thanks for making cracking me up first thing in the morning!