Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Maybe we should move to Michigan... (Y2/M3/D24)

...at least they have sympathetic Realtors. Don't believe me? You can read about it here.

And People, I am not really moving to Michigan so do not start soap boxing about how stupid it is to live in Los Angeles. I have heard it all before. Many many times. And if you lay into the Valley, god help you, because I will rip your town to shreds. Unless your town is NYC, in which case I don't have much to say except you have no yard. Which is kind of a fair trade off I suppose. (Okay, you got me. NYC is the one other place I'd live. Sue me.)

Also: Today is Sid's first birthday. Huzzah!


Anonymous said...

Having lived my entire life in NYC before moving to LA at age 24, I have to say, LA rocks! NYC is fun to visit, that's about it. And while our house is on 7000 sq ft lot, we have a yard and a pool. Sure beats living in NYC with broken elevators and walking up 10 flights of stairs.

Jeff said...

I'd mock your love of the valley but then I'd be, as they say, crappin' where im eatin'.

I'm a Sherman Oaks renter, scoping out the local market for purchasing opportunities and such. I stumbled upon this lovely blog from Freakonomics and have since added it to my daily reads :).

Keep up the great work!

ps. Wiener Factory (which you write about in a much earlier post) has the best dogs in town, hands down. Don't listen to the nut jobs who rave about Pink's or Carney's or The Stand. The Factory is the place to be!

And if you take Cid, they'll give him some rejects to feast on. My pup loves em!

Kate said...

Dear Anonymous:

Wow! You must be rich! Thanks for reading, commenting, and making me jealous of your pool. :-)

Dear Jeff:

You are wise indeed to refrain from mocking this great San Fernando Valley.

I had no idea that TWF hands out reject tube steak to hounds, but I am so bringing her now that I know.

I have actually been meaning to get back to posting about restaurants/shops/whatnot in Sherman Oaks. Hopefully soon....