Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Sweet! LA LAND! (Y2/M2/D26)

People! I have REALLY big news! Are you sitting down? Oh. Of course you are. Who stands up and reads their computer? But I digress, NEWS!

I am officially a celebrity guest blogger on the L.A. Times real-estate blog: LA Land. When I told my dearest friend in San Diego about this, she said to me: "What makes you a celebrity?" She really knows how to take the wind out of my sails. But, alas, she is right. I am merely a plain-old guest blogger. But I am still pretty excited about it. Because: YAY!

Also, you should know that I will not be using my real name or E's real name. I will be Kate in the Valley and E with be Mr. Kate in the Valley. I know, I know, how did I ever think of such creative names? El Sid, however, will go by her real name because that's how she rolls.

And, yes, I am concerned that now I am one of those people who sign up for a reality show thinking that she will be the first person in history to NOT make a complete and total fool of herself. But I solemnly swear to you, Gentle Readers, I will not throw a tantrum backstage and get hauled off by security. Not even during sweeps week.

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Pete Viles said...

Excellent!! Let me be the first to wish you good luck!

Zay said...

congrats! :)

ocrenter said...

good job Kate, your run in with that REALTOR really hit a nerve with my readers.

found an interesting pair of homes near your target neighborhood, wonder if you can make a first-hand comment on them on my blog: Bubble Markets Inventory Tracking

Kate said...

Thanks, OCRenter. I don't think the cash-back scheme is novel, I was just surprised to have somebody I don't even know call me up and push it.

I'll see if I recognize the houses on your site (which I read all the time by the way!)

ocrenter said...

no, it isn't novel. but it is so prevalent that it became "appropriate" to solicite to the general public after just one meeting.