Thursday, June 21, 2007


After twenty some years, I finally got to see The Police live. And it was pretty great. E saw them last when he was 12, needless to say, he was pretty excited.

The best part was: no new songs! The worst part was that Sting re-worked every single song. And not always for the better. Really just for the fancier. But I have to admit that Wrapped Around Your Finger was really impressive. It was not a song that I thought needed improving and yet it was really brilliant in this new take.

Stewart Copeland is still amazing. At one point he was tapping away with his left hand and then decided he needed something that was maybe behind him and so his whole body is clearly engaged in some other activity but not that left hand. And pretty soon the beat changed and now his right hand was at it too but he is not done looking around and it becomes completely obvious that percussion requires virtually not thought or attention from him. For me, not so much. I cannot tap out the most simple rhythm without sticking out my tongue and squinting one eye and still I don't get it right. Alas, that is why I have chosen the correct (non-musical) profession.

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