Monday, June 04, 2007

Super Glam Pad (Y2/M3/D4)

So I've had my eye on this house that is in a tony Valley neighborhood for a couple of months. It was reasonably priced at less than a million even though it is a smaller home. The few posted photos looked lovely and I wasn't sure why it hasn't sold. I haven't gone out to see it personally because, while reasonably priced, it is still out of my price range. Recently, 21 pictures were uploaded -- apparently to stimulate interest in the property. And I have to say, I am more interested now than ever. Also, questions.

First, that is one fancy-pants green vinyl bar, n'cest pas? I like that the bar top has a matching upholstered bumper so that, lest you toss back one too many, your noggin will not get bruised should you lose consciousness and slump forward unexpectedly. I like that there are rows and rows of liquor on those built-in shelves and I wonder if there is some Creme de Menthe or Kahlua in there that is older than I am. I wonder if that giant orange plush ottoman is available for purchase with the home. And, is that an oil painting of Carmine Miranda hanging on the far side of the bar? I think it is and I think I love it.

This shot of the bed/dressing room makes it clear that the current owner of this home is very glamorous. I do wonder why there are two chairs at the vanity, though. Sisters, maybe? I like that there is a writing desk nearby because that seems like the logical place to contend with one's fan mail. And if you look closely in the mirror, you can see a fainting couch (possibly floral) on the far wall.

I don't think you can walk into a house like this in just any town I am pretty sure you need to be in the Valley. Man, I love me the Valley.

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Zay said...

man, that house is crazy fresh. :)