Monday, June 04, 2007

We bid on another house. But at least I bought some nail polish. Heh. (Y2/M3/D4)

E and I took a fun trip to DC but I haven't gotten around to uploading the pictures yet (stay tuned). And also, we are bidding on YET ANOTHER house. This time the seller has "ideas" about how to sell a house much to his Realtor's (and our) dismay. The "idea" that is currently annoying me is that he is just holding on to our offer for days and days to try to stir up a bidding war. I will pull my offer in 24 hours if he doesn't cut the crap. Good lord, I know how to pick 'em. But E really likes that this house is less than one mile from where we live now and I like that it's a big lot and no walls need to be moved. But it's not like there's any shortage of houses for sale so I'm going to give him 24 hours to accept the offer as is.

UPDATE: The offer expired. Shockingly, this little 2bed/1.5bath on Varna Ave went for $745k (despite the fact that both bathrooms were incomplete, the kitchen was in a total shambles and the back half of the house had no flooring).

But MOST importantly people, I have secured a bottle of Heat Wave nail polish. I'm still looking for a bottle of Orange Blossom (if you see one, even a tester, grab it for me!). I know it may seem odd that anybody could care enough about one color of nail polish to scour the Internet for days obsessively ... especially when Somebody's boyfriend wouldn't notice if Somebody's toe nails fell clean off ... but I do and it is what it is.

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