Thursday, June 28, 2007

Ethel Ave (Y2/M2/D28)

So I've been watching this little 2bd/2ba on Ethel Ave. It was listed on March 29 at $899k and I scoffed. HA! Do you hear me? I am laughing out loud! This home is only about 1,200 square feet.

Then, on June 1, they lowered to $869k. Still too much, but definitely more interesting.

Then, on June 23, they lowered to $799k! Which is a lot closer to the $725k that I would pay for this cute little house in a desirable neighborhood.

But THEN! It went off the market, I think today, June 28. So did the $799k work? Did the house magically sell exactly 90 days after listing? Or did the listing expire. Hmmmm.

UPDATE: The sign is still up so I figure that means the house is in escrow. It'll be interesting to see the sale price (in like 3 months when Zillow finally picks it up).

UPDATE THE SECOND: It's up on the MLS again.

UPDATE THE THIRD: Looks like that was just a duplicate MLS, it's officially inactive.


Zay said...

I've been enjoying your house hunt adventures. I could relate because I too was house hunting. The prices you are dealing with, though, I cannot relate to at all!

My hubby and I will be closing at the end of August on this home:

Your jaw will drop when I tell you the price...130K for 1613 sqft and an attached two car garage.

Kate said...

Zay! That is so great! I am really happy for you.

It seems like a fantastic price. Around here, that house would be way out of my price range. In fact, if there were an open house sign in front of that house, I would just give a heavy sigh and keep driving.


tami said...

What's the price now that it's listed again?

Kate said...

Same price: $799k