Tuesday, May 08, 2007

I love me some Diet Coke Plus (Y2/M1/D8)

Finally. I mean: amen, praise the lord, my prayers have been answered. I can now take my B vitamins without remembering to take my B vitamins; I just do my normal routine and POOF! Vitamin in me! Yay.

So Diet Coke Plus (thank you soda Gods!) is a bit sweeter than regular Diet Coke and not quite as sweet as Coke Zero (my favorite). It also bubbles less. I don't know why -- side effect of low sodium maybe? And the semi-flat effect is not my favorite but it is a small price to pay for hassle free vitamin consumption. As soon as they make this into a Slurpee (are you reading this 7-Eleven? Are you?) then my beverage needs will be complete.

On to other very important topics.

E and I have been doing our regular type stuff despite my complete failure to update you on same. Here's some stuff we did: (1) We saw Spiderman Three together with 4 out 5 moviegoers on the planet opening weekend. BUT! We saw it at the Arclight and Tobey McGuire himself introduced the film. Which I have to admit was kind of cool. (2) We had dinner at Frito Misto in Santa Monica. If I were to start my own restaurant it would be Frito Misto. Because I'm so original. Also because I love this place. It's darling and comfortable and has fantastic pasta prepared any way you like and at a fair price. I only wish we could walk there. And (3) We've been watching El Sid grow into the kind of dog that causes small children stop dead in their tracks, drop their jaws, point and say: "That's a BIG dog!"

Well, I guess that brings us up to date. So... ummm... I guess I'll be going. Ciao!

Monday, May 07, 2007

House Number the Sixth: REVEALED! (Y2/M1/D7)

Yes. We are still house hunting. This house came on the market last week. We put in a full price offer today. And guess what? So did 12 other people! EFFING TWELVE. So within one hour of submitting, the agent calls us and says that the property is going for about $60k over list and we have until 10 a.m. tomorrow to resubmit with a new above-list price. I said: "No. Thank you very much."

Doesn't anybody know the housing market is crumbling? Who are these fools that are creating bidding wars for every damn house I want to buy? This is truly unbelievable.