Sunday, April 29, 2007

Pacific Heights Weekend (Y1/M12/D's 27-29)

I spent the weekend in Pacific Heights visiting my friend Elle. She's thinking of moving to Brussells and I must say I envy her about-to-be-very-International lifestyle. She lives on this very very pretty street. Which is also very envy-worthy.

I love the way the leaves create that mottled sunshine on the sidewalk. I took this picture when I was walking back from lunch (crepes & french fries! YUM!) with two of my girlfriends in Hayes Valley. I picked up this little Lomography camera at Flight 001. It has eight lenses and takes eight separate images in quick sequence that all print on one photo. It creates this very cool montage effect and because of the low-tech lens you get a nice 70's feel to the exposure. I can't wait to take some shots of E and El Sid with it.

I sure did miss waking up with E and El Sid; I missed them desperately. Even waking up on this pretty pretty street was no match for waking up to a wet dog nose and a snoring E.


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