Friday, April 06, 2007

House Number the Fifth: REVEALED! (Y1/M12/D6)

This was the fixer that we bid on and did not get. Once again, the house sold for exactly the same price that I offered. The winning bidder, however, offered to take the house as is. I wasn't willing to risk paying an additional $10k for termite damage so I'm back on the street looking for houses.

What the hell, people? There are over 50,000 listing in Los Angeles right now -- that's a record high inventory. Subprime lending is exploding. Everybody is talking about Armageddon in real estate. And yet a girl like me, who has solid credit and income appropriate for the homes I'm bidding on, can't buy a house (at list price, even!) I mean, when there are 50,000 homes on the market, why should I have to waive all contingencies and go so far as to move the effing seller's left over furniture out of the house? Jesus.

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