Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Stupid Sock Creatures (Y1/M12/D11)

It's official: there are no homes for sale in my price range in my target neighborhoods. It seems like this whole housing bubble thing will never end.

On to other topics. On the left are the first two stupid sock creatures I made from the book I told you about. The Sidster was very interested in sinking her teeth into one but I am happy to report that each stupid sock creature made it to its new home unscathed.

The stripey one went to my brother in Boston. The sea-monster looking one went to my little neice (she's really my second cousin but let's not get technical) in Washington.

He has a pretty cute butt, huh? While loosely based on one of the patterns, this little guy is actually a unique critter inspired in no small part by El Sid herself.

This one is actually a bit more complicated. There isn't much room to insert the two side arms on each side and those little tentacle-type feet are made individually then added on. I wish I could take credit for the design but she's pretty much straight from a pattern in the book.