Wednesday, March 07, 2007

I know Dr. McDreamy (Y1/M11/D7)

I decided to give y'all a rest from my real estate trials and tribulations and impress the hell out of you with my celebrity connections. Seriously, People, prepare to be impressed. Ready? I have a very personal connection with Doctor McDreamy. Yup. I do. Ya see, when I was just a wee girl of eighteen (maybe nineteen) I worked with Mr. Dempsey in one of his finer films: Loverboy. Sure, I was just an extra in the pizza parlor scene where Mel (of Mel's Diner fame) comes storming in and jumps over the counter. But nonetheless, I was paid and that means we worked together. Awesome! (Okay, so maybe I exaggerated a bit when I said "very personal connection;" "sighting" would probably be more accurate. But I'm trying to create some excitement over here. Sheesh.)

Okay. I have to go and scour the MLS. Love ya! Mean it!


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