Tuesday, March 06, 2007

House Number The 3rd: REVEALED! (Y1/M11/D 6)

Hi! Crazy Girl here to vent some more.

It's been four days since we made the FULL PRICE offer. Technically, it expired twenty-four hours ago. And still no response (but they keep saying a response is coming). I have now convinced myself that my offer is the best offer they have and they are calling all other bidders to submit "best and final" offers. Which is truly annoying.

My agent mentioned that they already have a cash offer but she doesn't know how much. But if they had a full-price cash offer they would have called me to get me to either up my price or to tell me that the sale is pending, right?

So annoying.

UPDATE: So the sellers went with a different full-price all cash offer with a 21 day escrow. Seriously, People. I'm never going to find a house.


qtilla said...

That sucks. Sorry that you didn't get the house. It sounds like you know what you're doing though.
Good luck!!

Kate said...

Indeed, it sucks. But it's true what they say: there's always another house.