Saturday, March 03, 2007

House Number The Third (Y1/M11/D3)

We found a house that we liked so much we made a full price offer. Can you believe it?

In fairness, we found a house I like so much. E thinks it's a bit small and he's not wrong. And he's not looking forward to the inevitable expansion construction. But we both love the neighborhood; it's a little Spanish bungalow on a pretty cul de sac and very close to a large but very private park (great for El Sid!).

My agent was blatantly unhappy with the way I structured the deal (because it reduces her commission by a grand). So unhappy, in fact, that she incorrectly wrote the offer no less than three times.

She also floated this fact: the seller already knows there's four-grand in termite repairs and the seller will likely add the cost of repairs to the counter. I wouldn't balk at that if I were making a less than full-price offer. But given that they knew this information when they set the price for the house, I feel like it's already included in the list price (i.e. coming out of the seller's profit). And it's no secret that the seller has done zero work since buying the house two years ago but is nevertheless looking at more than $100k in profit on this transaction. And god only knows how much more work needs to be done on this 1928 house. But I don't want to get ahead of myself.

Our offer expires Monday at noon, so we'll know more then. Cross your fingers for us!

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