Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Could it be House Number the 4th? (Y1/M11/D21)

E and I have been up to many things lately. For example, we went to see John Lovitz at the Laugh Factory (rather good!). And after we went to Greenblatt's Deli and they really do have the world's best rare roast beef just like it says on the menu. Also, they advertise a number of sodas "with cane sugar." And, it's a little embarrassing, but I didn't realize corn syrup is not Kosher. It just never dawned on me (apparently because I am a very bad Jew). Anyway, you can read about it here and here.

We also went hiking in Runyon Canyon (no, not that same night) with Sidney and our neighbors who have a very sweet Wheaton Terrier that plays with Sid. There, Eric and I discovered that we are simply not physically fit. But the view from the top of the canyon is pretty great and you do feel great after it's all over. And not just like: "Wow! I'm glad that's over!" More like: "Hey, I got off my lazy butt! Go Team Me!"

And there was lots of other stuff too, but honestly, it all blurs together because house hunting takes up so much of my energy. (No! Really?) Anyway. We are interested in another property which I lovingly refer to as: The Crappy House ("TCH"). You wanna know how crappy it is? Okay, twist my arm... I'll tell you!

In the back yard there is a big ole pool cover. You know the kind? It rolls onto a giant pole at one end of the pool and you use a crank? Like this? Okay, so there's one of those in the back yard. But guess what? There's no pool. That's right. And there never was. There's just this giant pool cover on what appears to be a broken crank. It's awesome. Apparently, an older couple lived in the house and eventually they went to the hospital and did not come back. And nobody has lived in the house for quite some time and their heirs have come and picked through the belongings (and apparently dropped off a pool cover) but the house is just sitting there. And I'm not sure but I think they are just selling the house with whatever crap is in it. E is particularly interested in an autographed photo of Liza Minelli that is framed and just laying in a corner of one of the rooms. I noticed a very odd little brass squirrel about the size of my thumb. His facial expression is kind of rabid/crazed. Why would anybody buy a little brass rabid squirrel? Needless to say, the house needs a major overhaul but it's in kind of a fancy pants neighborhood so it might be worth it. We don't want to bid too early because that has burned us before. Instead, we are just lurking in the shadows. As always, I'll keep you posted.

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