Thursday, February 01, 2007

[insert pithy title here] (Y1/M10/D1)

How cute are these glasses? I mean, sure some people will look at this and see a pile of garbage. But not me. These glasses give me happy summertime memories of being in law school and traipsing down to Ole Mexico for lobsters and cerveza mas finas.

No house news today... offer likely to go out tomorrow. Well, there is one thing: I'm a tad nervous about this house because it's in a "transitional" neighborhood. What makes a neighborhood "transitional"? Essentially, low home prices but lots of influx of cash. The city has been dumping money into this neighborhood for the past decade or so. And it's been making a difference. But these kinds of changes are slow and who knows if I'll still own this house when the tide turns. But the upside in a transitional neighborhood can be huge if you are there at the right time. And, most importantly, E really likes this house. And it's the first time he's been remotely interested in a property so that's pretty big. Anyhoodle, probably have more news tomorrow. Cheers!


Zay said...

That is a plus when the man shows interest in a house. haha

Kate said...

I know, right? But men are often interested in houses for odd reasons... like the current owner is showcasing a big fluffy couch. Or there's a nice work bench in the garage. And they don't notice that the neighbors have a complete Sanford & Sons theme going on in the yard. Eep!