Thursday, January 11, 2007

House Hunting is the suck. (Y1/M9/D11)

House hunting is so unbelievably complicated. For example, here's another house we aren't buying but that we agonized over. It's actually about ten times cuter than this photo (see the living room below), but notice that tall building in the background? That's the Sherman Oaks Galleria (Like ohmygod. I'm so sure! Totally.) Which is a plus, I mean we could walk to the movies and restaurants but you can totally see that from the backyard. Hell, you can see that from the front yard.

And apparently we aren't the only ones who feel that is a drawback because the house sat on the market for four months (a long long time in Sherman Oaks). They lowered the asking price from $819k to $729k. Then I called to see if they would consider $700k and they said they would absolutely take $700k but that they had an offer on the table and I would need to come and write my offer tonight. Which means somebody else is about to close for like $680k... which is not exactly confidence inspiring. I mean, how are you supposed to know what this house is worth? Comps are not enough because each house is so unique.

UPDATE: This house sold for $675k after several months on the market.

I guess it just comes down to the house that feels right because even if all the math adds up (it's the right street, it's the right number of bedrooms, it's the right price per square foot) you still might not feel comfortable. And for no reason that you can identify. No one part of the house is the problem. And maybe that's just nerves. Right? I mean I think your average bear gets a little nervous about spending close to a million dollars. I'm pretty sure that in my entire life I have not spent a total of one million dollars so this is a crazy big purchase when you think about it. And I don't recommend you think about it for too long because if you do you could get all twitchy and OCD like me. I'm only half kidding there.

*heavy sigh*

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