Wednesday, January 31, 2007

The Big Reveal (Y1/M9/D31)

Okay, at long last, the house is officially in escrow (with people other than Me & E). But, as luck would have it, a house was listed today that we like better! And it does not require any construction! So we are making an offer on this newly listed house this week.

Cross your fingers because this new house was just purchased a few months ago -- the owners subsequently found their dream home and bought it too so now they are stuck with two houses and need out. Which of course means we are dealing with sellers who are again facing a loss. (I know how to pick 'em, don't I?) . This newly-listed house is straight out of Sunset magazine and I really dig it but I'm not getting my hopes up because ... well I don't really need to tell you why after this last adventure.

Anyhoodle, here's the pictures of the high drama house. And when it closes I'll tell you how much they paid for it.

The front (very tract-housey):

The back (this house did have a lovely big yard but those power lines concerned me):

The living room with dining room in background:

Other view of living room (there's a hole in the ceiling over that cabinet):

This is the den (which they called "third bedroom" because there's some built in closets. But nobody wants a bedroom that has one door to the kitchen and another door to the hallway and a third that leads to the patio):

This is the other view of the den (see the cute back porch and big yard):

This is the kitchen that is off the dining room (it's a bit narrow and those are the original 1950s cabinets). That's the laundry room in back with a door leading to back yard.

Here's the bathroom that is between the two tiny bedrooms (it's nicely updated but the tub leaks or something... the base boards were warped near the tub and the grout around the tub is cracked and water damaged):

Obviously, a master suite with master bath needs to be added to this house but the lot is big enough to add one in back. However, if you add the cost of expanding the existing bedrooms and adding a true master suite to the list price, the house is overpriced for the neighborhood. Plus, the house needs all new windows and the kitchen will need a true update shortly as it still has the original 1950s cabinets so you have to add in those costs too. They have it priced as though the kitchen were brand new, the windows and plumbing were brand new, and the bedrooms were standard size (none of which is true). That's the main reason I wasn't willing to pay list for this otherwise very cute little house.

UPDATE: This home sold for $679k after about a month on the market. It was listed at $695. (I wouldn't have paid a dime over $650k).


Zay said...

keeping fingers crossed for you!

Kate said...

Gosh thanks! I appear to need all the luck I can get on this house hunting thing.