Tuesday, January 30, 2007


Ugh. My agent called to set up a time to submit the offer and now Magda says: "Oh you should've called me this morning they just accepted a full price offer and the inspection is tomorrow." It's not listed on MLS as pending and the rules require it to be listed as pending by close of business tomorrow. (Hi! Don't think I won't report you for a violation!)

I must say I'm a tad skeptical after the last make-believe offer. And it's really weird to have an inspection before even opening escrow, so I honestly have very real doubts. But even if this is a bona fide offer, deals fall out of escrow all the time ... so it's still not over. And for good measure I actually left a voice message for the home owner (thanks Google!) saying: "I'm trying to buy your house but your agent keeps telling me she has a full price offer but then she doesn't. If your house is for sale still, can you please call me or my agent?" Sheesh.

I guess tomorrow I will have a better idea. On the bright side, two new listings came up today that I really like. ::rolls eyes:: Here we go again.


tami said...

Did the owners call?

Kate said...

The owners did not call and the house came off of MLS today. So I guess this time the offer stuck.