Monday, July 31, 2006

DAY 66

E and I spent the day in Laguna Beach. We roamed around downtown and came across this pretty fence. But all is not sunshine and pretty fences in Laguna. Oh no. I'm afraid not.

Specifically, I ordered sashimi for dinner ... only it came seared. I asked the waiter if it was my mistake: "Did the menu mention searing?" No, it did not. "Did I want it raw?" he asked. That was a major red flag right there. If your waiter does not know if you want your sashimi raw, you may be in the wrong restaurant.

A few minutes passed and the waiter came back to say: "It'll just be a minute because they had to go to the kitchen upstairs for your sashimi." This was my second red flag: it was a brewery upstairs. I don't want sashimi from a brewery! Finally, he comes back with a plate of what appears to be sashimi. So I bit into it and ... it was frozen solid. So, yeah. They basically served me tuna-sicles. I swear to god. Don't even get me started on the tomato soup which was actually a bowl of spaghetti sauce. Meh.

Things took a turn for the better though. We went to The Pageant of the Masters after dinner. If you haven't heard of the Pageant before, live models pose in a three dimensional backdrop and recreate classic paintings. It's an outdoor arena with a very large stage and an orchestra. Once the sun goes down, the orchestra starts to play and the stage lights go up. The curtains part and you see a massive replication of what appears to be a classic painting. If you look very very closely, however, you might see an arm waiver or a chest rise and fall as the model takes a breath.

It's truly amazing, you cannot tell that there are live models in the sets. It just looks like a beautifully lit two-dimensional painting. They use scores of models who each spend hours getting make-up applied.

In addition to recreating paintings, they do classic bronze sculptures (imagine having your entire body covered in metallic paint) but this year I was most impressed with the dramatic colors in the life-sized porcelain figurines pictured here. Again, there are live models under all that make up and costumes. The colors were simply stunning person. I must say the pageant draws an odd crowd though. Mostly ladies of a certain age with a bedazzler fetish. I have never seen so many bedazzled hats, denim jackets, jeans and Birkenstocks in my life.

pageant photos by Monica Almeida/The New York Times

Sunday, July 30, 2006

DAY 65

So last month E and I got a Save-The-Date email for a surprise birthday party. And then a few weeks later we got a lovely engraved invitation to said surprise birthday party. I thought this was odd. I mean, it was a 37th birthday not a 40th; it seemed rather extravagent. But then we got another email asking if we could help distract the birthday boy by gathering at Casa Del Mar for a drink. And I thought: "How does the birthday boy walk into a snazzy bar and see all his friends and not think there's a surprise party going down?" Which is when I start thinking: wedding. This is a wedding and the surprise is on us. Well, sure enough it was. And it was the best wedding.

Well, technically, they were married a month ago in a far away place. So this was a bit of a re-enactment. BUT WITH ELVIS! ON THE BEACH! After the ceremony, Elvis sang a few songs at the reception and gave out a lot of his red silk scarves to his lady fans. Our place cards came with ring boxes and in the boxes were these fabulous gigantic jeweled pinky rings. Each place setting had CDs of Elvis cover songs and a photo of Elvis and Priscilla on the CD itself. The centerpieces were these adorable sand castles.

E and I both fell off the no-sugar diet because the wedding cake was a giant tower of our beloved Sprinkles cupcakes. We went for a quick walk on the beach with some other couples and all the girls waded knee-deep into the Pacific. The water must have been 80 degrees and there was a beautiful red crescent moon. Quite a night!

Oh, I almost forgot! We each got a sweet little gift bag on the way out. It's contents: one banana; one La Brea Bakery roll; and several small packages of peanut butter. Elvis' favorite late night treat!

Friday, July 28, 2006

DAY 64

Mel Gibson is anti-semetic. I wish I could say: "He'll never work in this town again!" But let's be honest, I don't have that kind of pull. See the link for the details on how Mel "owns Malibu" and will get even with the cop who pulled Mel over for driving drunk down PCH with a bottle of tequila in the passenger seat (he swears it wasn't his). He then proceeded to state that Jews have caused every war (Really, Mate? Even the Civil War? Even the French Canadian War?) and asked the arresting officer (Officer Mee, btw) whether he was Jew. He also tried to escape arrest.

UPDATE: Now he's sorry. Real sorry. And also, he blames the fire water for his anti-semetic remarks. Yeah right. Whenever I have a few drinks I find that -- much to my shock and dismay -- I turn into a crazy racist megolomaniac. Don't you? Doesn't everyone?!

UPDATE II: All hail Ari Emanuel (agent at Endeavor) for saying: "...alcoholism does not excuse racism and anti-Semitism." Amen, Brother.

UPDATE III: Now that ABC has cancelled a planned Holocoust miniseries project with Gibson's Icon Productions, Gibson is sorry again.

Thursday, July 27, 2006

DAY 62

Time for your Project Runway update! I'm standing by my theory that Laura, Vincent and Angela are going to be on the show for a long time just because they have blatantly dysfunctional personalities and not because they have talent.

I realize that, in the category of "No Talent But Crazy So Let's Keep 'Em On The Show," Laura is not necessarily an obvious choice. But allow me to demonstrate. First, she only designs in shades of white and she has all of TWO design elements (count 'em: one, two). Laura's first design element is a BIG FURRY COLLAR. Witness her project from episode one which is a white and grey coat with a BIG FURRY COLLAR.

Now, witness her third project, a white and beige number with a BIG FURRY COLLAR (you can't see the dog coat clearly in this shot but trust me his coat has a matching BIG OLE FURRY COLLAR):

Laura's second design element is SPANGLES. Which she employed in her first project (see the round mirrors, a.k.a. SPANGLES, all over the white coat above) and in her second project: a white dress with smaller SPANGLES all over it:

Laura's creations aren't hideous; they are just incredibly limited and repetitive. What is hideous is the way Laura treated her dog muse this week. She acted as if it were a rotting corpse. I'm a firm believer that you can tell a lot about a person by the way they treat animals. And speaking of hideous... let's look at Angela's crap project from last night:

What else is there to say (I mean, once you get the gagging under control)?

Let's turn to Vincent. His projects are either ugly or boring or, like last night, both:

Oh gee, Vincent! How ever did you think up a simple black mini shift? Were you thinking: "You know what tank tops need? A flared hem!" I'm pretty sure that is just about all you were thinking. That, and: "I'm a genius with hats!" And then you probably broke into that creepy maniacal giggling fit that clamps down on my spinal chord.

But were any of these three cut? Nope. They cut poor Katherine for her blah dress despite the fact that she made an adorable hoodie for the pooch -- and that was after all half the challenge. Katherine was expendable and that's the real reason she was cut. She wasn't going to be Final Three and she isn't a nut job so that made her a primo target.

My Final Three are still in the running and this week Uli actually won. Keith is turning into a Santino (he refused to design for his dog and he actually lied to the judges about creating four outfits for the dog that he allegedly ultimately rejected). Keith's annoying behavior is a pity because his designs are gorgeous, wearable, and beatifully executed. Of course, crazy attitude and talent can take you to the finals (as we've seen over and over) so it's not a bad ploy. Robert (I heart Robert!) made a gorgeous Channel-inspired ensemble that was spot on (as always).

The big news from last night is, of course, that somebody is getting kicked off the show for breaking the rules. They've been teasing us with this since before the season premiere but now it looks like next week will be the big reveal. I so hope it's Laura. But I'm sure it's not. It's probably Bonnie or Michael or somebody who gets almost no love from the producers anyway. Can't wait!

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

DAY 58

Most nights when I get home from work my darling E is on the couch wathcing TV and that seems perfectly normal to me. After all, everybody needs to unwind a bit at the end of the day! But tonight when I came home he was watching *cough* Little House on the Prairie. *cough* Again. *cough*

To be completely honest with you, just about every night when I get home he is totally engrossed in the trials and tribulations of Half Pint and Pa. The first time it happened I told myself he was just channel surfing. I convinced myself that it meant nothing. The second time I thought it was just a freaky coincidence. But I can't kid myself anymore; he is intentionally seeking out this show.

Sunday, July 23, 2006

DAY 57

It was One Hundred and Sixteen effing degrees in Sherman Oaks today. So E and I headed up the 101 to Santa Barbara where it was about forty degrees cooler. I think the entire population of Los Angeles County was on the 101 with us; but it was well worth the trip. Santa Barbara is beautiful.

I spotted these two adorable vintage lawn chairs in one of the shops on State Street:

We did not purchase them for two key reasons: (1) we don't have a lawn; and (2) they were $780.00 each. Yeah. I sort of got the feeling they didn't really want to sell them. Heh.

Friday, July 21, 2006

DAY 56

I love this house. I know it's about the size of my current bedroom. But ever since I saw the Bambi trailer by Airstream (thanks LJC!), wee vacation houses are all I think about.

This company is really tempting me. Of course, I would have to go out and get a plot of land. But let's not get caught up in the details! Let's just fantasize that on any given Friday I can drive out to the Summer House and sip giant margaritas on my wee porch.

It's nice here on my fantasy porch isn't it? Pass me the fantasy chips and salsa, when you get a chance.

Thursday, July 20, 2006

DAY 55

It's Wednesday, so you know what that means. Yup! E and I watched Project Runway! Tonight's challenge was to create a beauty pageant gown. Not my favorite challenge -- but Robert Best (recall, he's my favorite designer from Episode 1) finished in first place. He didn't win the challenge because his partner, Kayne Gillaspie, was the team leader and this week only one designer could win. But they can't have Robert winning every single challenge, that wouldn't be good TV. Malon Breton was bid auf wiedersehen this week and he informed us that he is "so ashamed." Perhaps because his dress literally looked like a giant turd? Tim described it as "looking really heavy" and "kind of like it's carved out of a big log." I couldn't help but suspect that Malan is the result of some genetic experiment wherein Superman's Brandon Routh and Madonna were the primary DNA samples. He says he's from Singapore, but I'm thinking Detroit (because apparently Detroit is where you learn fake British accents).

It was tough, but I've selected my final three designers for this season. They are:



Keith won the first challenge with this blue number (pictured right) which is cuter than it appears in this particular photo. Those necklaces cover up the neckline, but it really was cut beautifully. Keith is famous for having said that he's never made a dress before. He comes from menswear, not unlike Emmett from last season. But let's not forget that rumors abound on the Internet that Keith used some sketches in his portfolio that looked as if they'd been lifted from Marni (among others). Keith has explained this away by saying that editing made it appear as though he showed those sketches as his own -- when really those sketches were from a research project (on professional designers) that he completed.

Now, Uli is just a solid performer. She hasn't won a challenge yet but last week's dress was nice, and this week's dress was nice too. There aren't any great photos of Uli's dress from this week, but it moved beautifully and Vera Wang (who was the celebrity guest judge standing in for Michael Kors this week) seemed impressed with it. Also, Uli is just likeable. Remember Chloe from Season 2? The nice girl finishes first on Project Runway. So I'm keeping Uli on my list.

Robert, in my humble opinion should've won the first challenge because his adorable white dress was absolutely the standout and the audience clearly agreed with me. Check out this supercrazyfantastic frock (pictured left) from his '02 collection. This week was a team challenge so Robert didn't really have the opportunity to shine -- but he was an outstanding team member and all around likeable guy. His Quote of the Week came when Kayne tried to get him to put an unholy volume of rhinestones on their (winning) pageant gown. Robert's response: "She's a beauty queen not a disco ball!"

But speaking of 'shine' ....let's talk about three people who stand out for an entirely different reason. These three should be cut but will hang on till nearly the bitter end because they are such train wrecks and that keeps the audience coming back. *ahem*

Train wreck the first: VINCENT LIBRETTI.

I could never date this man. I could never work for this man. I can barely stand the sound of his voice. To give you an idea of his complete and utter lack of talent, check out this video I made of him. No, seriously I made it. Bravo put together this cool feature on their site where you can edit together video clips. It's too fun being a reality show editor! It's an all around outstanding website feature. Kudos to the Bravo web team.

Train wreck the second: ANGELA KESLAR.

She was Vincent's partner for this week's challenge. Now, I don't entirely blame her. I might have killed Vincent myself. But she was so ugly about it. And she didn't stop at Vincent, Keith gave her what I thought to be a bit of constuctive criticism and she said: "Well, I don't value your opinion at all .... So, you're wrong." I'm considering mailing her a copy of How to Win Friends and Influence People.

Train wreck the third: LAURA BENNETT.

Remember Wendy from Season 1? Marla from Season 2? For whatever reason, Team Runway always includes a mom. Laura is Super Creepy Mom. She fancies herself a Coco Channel or something. But she's more like Gloria Swanson (in her role as Norma Desmond). *shudder*

Okay, this was way more than you ever wanted to know about The Best* Show on Earth.

*The Office is on hiatus.

Monday, July 17, 2006

DAY 53

I'm starting to suspect that my numbering is off as far as the days go. I suppose I can straighten that out. But that doesn't seem fun. How's about I just post? Okay.

E and I went to see Ray Davies at The Wiltern. I'm sorry, but if I'm gonna see Ray Davies, I wanna hear Come Dancing. So shoot me. E was perfectly fine with no Come Dancing. He's like a purist or something. Bah. But, beforehand (Dig that alliteration, Baby!) we had dinner at my favorite Mexican restaurant:

Yeah, the one on Western between Pico and Olympic. As in: The Original. It's been there since 1923. Apparently, in 1923 people didn't know what Mexican food was, so they called it a Spanish Cafe. But it's Mexican. And it's great. I highly recommend the tacos el carbon:

Even better than that is the house margarita. It's strong. And it's mighty tastey. And best of all, no awkward margarita glass. I was so excited when mine arrived, I forgot to photograph it full:
Oh. Are you still here? You can get your own margarita you know. Go on. Visit El Chollo.


My faithful reader, Anonymous Rachel, gave me a link to this a fabulous article on the Valley! The title: The San Fernando Valley? Hip? Like totally! Of course, the picture just reminds me that Barry's Boot Camp is upstairs and that's where I work out. Okay, I went last October and haven't been back since. But I am SERIOUSLY thinking about going back for another month. I am. Seriously.

If you've never heard of Barry's, they're sort of famous for being brutal. Allegedly, if you throw up at any point during the workout, they give you a free t-shirt. I don't know because nobody threw up while I was going. At 5 effing 30 in the morning. But I harbored grave concerns that I might on more than one occasion. And with that, Gentle Readers, I bid you adieu.

Sunday, July 16, 2006

Random Product Endorsement

I love Lush Cosmetics. Actually, they're more bath products than cosmetics. On my last trip to their Santa Monica store I picked up the usual supply of bath bombs and they gave me a slice of Buffy the Backside Slayer as a free gift. It's amazing.

It's a cocoa butter bar with ground almonds, rice and adzuki beans (yeah, I've got no idea what adzuki beans are either). While you are all wet in the shower, you just rub it all over any parts that need exfoliating and moisturizing. It does both at once. It feels good, it smells good. It's all around good for your dry summer skin. And your dry winter skin too, I bet.

DAY 52

Mostly I have been sitting on the porch and watching cars go by. Here's the south view from my porch. (Why yes! That chair IS from Target! Yes, I DID buy it at 50% off at their last clearance sale.) I'm pretty sure the lack of sugar and caffeine is taking it's toll on me. I feel totally exhausted.

I did walk down Ventura Boulevard to the mailbox (that Netflix disk has been sitting around for about two months so I figure I've paid like $40 for the pleasure of viewing Three Men and a Baby. Gah.) On the way to the post box, I passed Leda's Bake Shop. It was very difficult to resist the siren song of their supercrazyfantastic cupcakes, but I did. One day at a time. That's what I keep telling myself.

You may be wondering how E is coping with the diet. And I must say E is doing rather well. In fact, he's bouncing around like nothing is different. Could be all those Hershey bars and sandwiches on white bread he's been scarfing down. But he's still on the diet, he assures me.

Friday, July 14, 2006

DAY 51

Today marks the begining of the No Sugar Diet. E has agreed to give up the White Trifecta (White Sugar, White Flour and White Rice) with me. I'm also subbing out diet soda and coffee for detox tea. No beer or wine. But Gin & (diet) Tonic are still in.

By and large, this is a pretty easy diet. Assuming you keep a sensible balance, you can still have the occasional whole wheat bread (if it's TRULY whole wheat and not just "wheat bread."). You can still eat some brown rice. And a tiny bit of brown sugar or honey is okay, so long as it is combined with complex carbs and protien (think: whipped cream on mixed berries or honey on a whole wheat bagel with cream cheese). You can eat all the meat, cheese, fruits and vegetables that you like. Also butter is still acceptable.

The theory behind the diet is simple: it keeps your blood sugar stable. Simple carbs like white rice, white flour, and sugar are digested very quickly and cause your blood sugar to shoot up. Caffiene convinces you that you aren't hungry when you are and thus your blood sugar drops and you don't want that either. Artificial sweetners create sugar cravings and causes you to expect things to taste sweet so they are out too. If your blood sugar is not shooting all over the place then you should have less cortisol and your body isn't creating fat in response. So that's it. Pretty simple.

E suggested another simple diet that he calls The Thirty Second Diet. Here's how it works: you can eat whatever you want, and as much as you want, but only three times a day. The catch? You only have thirty seconds to eat it. Yeah. So, we're not doing that one.

Thursday, July 13, 2006

DAY 50

Today I discovered my hero. His name is Matt. At first the video he made is kinda funny. Then, as you watch, it becomes this amazing celebration of life. Seriously, he's caused me to rethink a lot of things.

Learn more about Matt here.

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

DAY 49

I dashed home from work tonight (at the right early hour of 9:00 p.m.) to catch the season premiere of Project Runway on Bravo. (Oh! Did I ever mention that Adelphia has finally fixed our cable? They have. After a grand total of four visits and seven phone calls over about two months. Gah.) Anwyay, this show is perfectly brilliant. Even E has come around. Sure, he pretends to be reading magazines, he pretends to be making snacks but really he is on the edge of his seat. In fact, when he left for the gym tonight he asked if I was recording it because he didn't want to miss Heidi's first auf wiedersehen of Season 3.

I have already chosen a favorite designer: Robert Best. He designs for Barbie you know. Seriously. He works for Mattel. I don't know what my issue is with Barbie but sales girls can smell it on me. Por exemplar, I went out shopping for some costumes for stripper class and I tried on these thigh high black patent leather boots and matching corsett and the sales girl goes: "You look just like Barbie!" Okay, I've never seen Dominatrix Barbie (and I have serious doubts that one exists) but I bought it. Lock. Stock. And barrel. And the first time I went in for a bikini wax, the waxing girl goes: "Do you want the Barbie?" Of course I did! Now, if she'd just called it a Brazilian there's no way I would have gone for that. Erm.... too much info?

Okay, back to Robert Best. Look at that effing dress! He made it from a duvet cover and a jeweled wall hanging. (This was the wall-to-wall challenge where the desingers had to make outfits from the materials in their rooms a la Scarlett O'Hara). The back of it is even cuter than the front. Those necklaces form the back straps and they are tied in the middle of the back with a darling petite red bow as does that red sash. The rest of the back is open. The skirt is the same in back as it is in front. So freaking cute.

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

DAY 48

Whew. E's parents just left and I am wiped out. It sure feels good to stretch out on the couch.

Before seeing them off, we all went to Cynthia's for dinner. If you click on the link above, you'll see that the Citysearch reviewers are totally split on whether Cynthia's is good. It appears that some people have a really bad experience with the staff. I don't know what to make of this. E and I have been there several times and we always have top notch service.

For example, tonight, I ordered a yukon-gold potato ravioli with scallops and brown butter sage sause that was intended to be an appetizer. When the waiter was listing off the specials, all I said was: "oh, too bad that's not an entree" and the waiter told me it was no problem and the chef made an entree version for me. E ordered the fried chicken (for which Cynthia's is famous). Sure, it's $18 a plate but this is no ordinary fried chicken.

The four of us split Cynthia's famous berry cobbler a la mode but we couldn't finish it (not for lack of motivation, I assure you!). The cobbler is simply huge. And every morsel is amazing. Unfortunately, I failed to bring my camera so no picture of the fabulous berry cobbler a la mode for you. :-(

Monday, July 10, 2006

DAY 47

Today, we went to Disneyland with E's parents. Wow, Disneyland has changed a lot. For example, Pirates of the Caribbean currently features Johnny Depp all over the place. The Hall of Presidents is gone. The Country Bear Jamboree: gone. But you know what is totally exactly the same as I remember it? The Enchanged Tiki Room. You know? The Tiki Tiki Tiki Tiki Room? Where the birds sing words and the flowers croon! Well, I managed to take some (pretty lame) video of it and posted it to YouTube for your enjoyment. Go on. Enjoy.

And on the tram ride back to the Timon parking lot, do you know what E's mom said to me? She said: "Wildwood New Jersey is a nice place to get engaged." Ya see, E and I are going to visit them in Wildwood at the end of August. And apparently she's had enough of this whole "just living together" thing. We, however, have just barely gotten started with the whole living together thing so I said that we were plenty pleased with things as they are. And she said: "But it would make ME happy and I think you should live your lives for MY happiness." (Yes. She WAS kidding.) It was pretty funny actually.

DAY 46

E and I took a walk with his parents today. A loooooong walk from Loew's down to Venice Beach. And I had the misfortune of wearing four inch heels. I ended up buying a hideous pair of rubber flip flops from a street vendor for the long walk home.

While on the Venice boardwalk, we stopped to see a fire-eating street performer who pulled E from the crowd. The Fire Eater had E stand still with an unlit cigarette in his mouth. Apparently, the Fire Eater intended to ignite the cigarette by blowing flames onto it. And then he broke the cigarette in half, and then in a quarter and put it back in E's mouth. And then he had E sheild half his face with his hand. And E actually stood there the whole time. So the big moment comes, E is standing there with about an inch of cigarette sticking out of his mouth (he doesn't smoke, by the way) and with one hand sheilding half his face, and there's the fire eater with some flaming stick and he goes to blow. I gotta say, I'm kinda freaking out at this point... but E, he is just standing there. So the Fire Eater leans over and, instead of breathing fire at E's head, just blows out the flaming stick and says to the audience: "This dude is f---ing nuts!" The crowd goes wild. Luckily I had my Canon with me and got the whole thing on video.

We all headed back after the show and stopped at Casa Del Mar (pictured) for dinner. I had the black bass "Alla Nage" which was served with crushed spring peas and vegeable pistou. Amazing. E had the salmon which was also quite good but paled in comparison to the bass.

DAY 45

E's parents are visiting from New Jersey so I'm a bit behind on entries. Wooops.

Anyhoo, his mom owns a boutique so today we went out to visit a few shops on Ventura and then on Robertson. I bought a fabulous belt at Kitson. She loves celebrity sightings and was very disappointed that there appeared to be none at The Ivy when we passed by.

Luckily, later that day, we saw Evan Handler from Sex in the City at Loew's (where E'sparents were staying).

Still later, we saw Ken Olin and Patricia Wettig (okay, okay, they aren't exaclty "celebrities" but E's mom was still happy). We saw Olin and Wetting on the Third Street Promenade when we went to see The Devil Wears Prada. And, incidentally, if you had any doubts about how brilliant Ms. Streep is, this movie will immediately erase all such doubt. She is supercrazyfantastic.

Wednesday, July 05, 2006

DAY 42

The 4th was great for us. We had breakfast with my parents and then went to a barbeque with some friends of E's. We rounded out the day with a re-enactment of last year's 4th (seeing the fireworks at CBS in Studio City).

So, there's something wrong with my gardening skills. Yeah. Maybe you remember the cute strawberry blossom from a few weeks back. Well they didn't exactly produce blue-ribbon strawberries. I have no idea why my strawberries are all malformed like that. The picture only shows two berries, but they are all like that. So embarassing. :-/

Random Product Endorsement

This is what I'd look like as a paper doll. Okay, okay. I'm not that tall. Oh, and I have a nose. Didn't want you guys to freak out and start a "Nose for Kate" charity or anything.

Try it yourself. And maybe order some unbelievably cute stationary while you're there. I did!

Monday, July 03, 2006

DAY 41

So I'm sitting at my desk minding my own business and I get an email notification. Yay! It's from my beloved. Let's see what he wrote, shall we?

TO: Kate
From: E
Date: July 3, 2006
Subject: ...

Hey, just wondering what time you'll be home tonight. Should I get take out or are you cooking? Love you. Incidentally, do you have any tips for unsticking a stuck power steering tank. It feels like it's welded on but it isn't.


Whatwhatwhaaaat? "Stuck power steering tank?" "Feels like its welded?!" I can only assume that he is talking about his car. WHY WOULD A MAN WITH ABOSUTELY NO MECHANICAL TRAINING BE TRYING TO PRY THE POWER STEERING TANK OUT OF HIS CAR? WHY?!

Oh sweet merciful heavens above. Please let me come home tonight and find the garage is exactly the way I left it. And by "exactly the way I left it" I of course mean: "not in flames."

DAY 40

We haven't been up to much today, so I surfed the Internet. Which is how I found David. David is getting a new snail. And he is just about the cutest thing ever. Check him out.

Saturday, July 01, 2006

DAY 39

Today E and I stumbled upon Big Kid Collectables (located at 14109 Burbank Blvd in Sherman Oaks) on our way to
Tapia Brother's
to pick up some produce. As you may recall, E loves all things that were marketed to children in the 1970's so he was pretty impressed with the shop. I was pretty impressed with the supercrazyfantastic TV's they had on display.

This picture really doesn't do them justice nor does the company's website. So you'll just have to take my word for it -- they are just about the coolest TV's I've ever seen. The picture was really sharp and they were showing some fabulous vintage cartoons.

Which reminds me, E has this idea to open a restaurant that's only open for breakfast. You can have high-sugar cereal or Eggos or oatmeal and cinnamon sugar toast. And there'd be TV's all over showing various Saturday morning cartoons. And there'd be optional seating on pillows on the floor around vintage coffee tables. He'll never get around to opening it, so if you want to that'd be great! Especially if you opened it in the Valley.

DAY 38

E and I went to a screening at the Los Angeles Film Festival today. We saw I Want Somebody to Eat Cheese With written and directed by Jeff Garlin ( Curb Your Enthusiasm writer). It features Sarah Silverman and Amy Sedaris and it's an all around charming film.

It's essentially the story of how Garlin met his wife while he was sharing an apartment with his mother and working at Second City. Silverman delivers (her somewhat predictable but neverthless funny) sweet-faced potty-mouthed girl next door. Sedaris only has a cameo but she portrays an elementary school guidance counselor with facial ticks who counsels Garlin (all the while perched on those child-sized plastic classroom chairs).

Here's what I hate about these screenings though: the Q&A afterwards. The first question is ALWAYS: "How much of the dialogue was improvised and how much was scripted?" Which is like saying:just how bad was your script, like how much of your dialogue was not as good as what the actors just made up? The next question is always something incomprehensible. That is, somebody puts up their hand and just blathering on about their own writing or a different film with the same actors and they go on and on and either just sit down without asking any question (which causes a smattering of snickering throughout the audience) or they try to formulate a question on the fly at the end to make it seem like the whole monologue was planned. Here's the best one from tonight's screening: "Can you describe the supermarket scene?" Garlin's response: "I could. But you just saw it so..."